Is that true that HD doesn’t brake pretty well?


Is that true that HD doesn’t brake pretty well? I’m thinking about buying a HD Iron 883
Thanks guys
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  1. compared to a Ferrari?

  2. Every time I’ve used them … I stop.

    I’m alive, so yeah … I guess they brake ok.

  3. This question is silly. They brake fine. I have a sportbike as well and it’s not the same. However the harley is a much heavier bike so you just get used to it.

  4. ABS is always an option.

  5. Brakes are fine ,just take into account the weight of the Harley and pillion if carrying one .

  6. Bikes brake a lot faster than cars. The main thing you will be braking to avoid is cars right? Problem solved.

  7. The breaks are adequate. If you ride within the bikes limits you’ll be fine. Good in the rain too. I live in FL and ride in monsoon season. No issues…

  8. My iron brakes are just fine

  9. A nice thing about 883s is everything is upgradable.

  10. They could definitely be better, bit the stock tires are also kind of an issue when it comes to stopping power

  11. My brakes just fine

  12. Braking…with ABS fitted 883 is good…you just need to get used to its momentum …as Harley bikes r on heavier side…

  13. Only the weak use brakes

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