Is it worth the money to buy VELOCITY STACKS?


Hey guys I'm just curious, is it worth the money to buy VELOCITY STACKS, SLIDE STOPS and RACE FILTER for the 5PW? About to get a power commander and want to know if I'll get more out of it with the extra bolt ons.

Is it worth the money to buy VELOCITY STACKS?

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  1. Life is too short… Just buy the damn parts

  2. Trade it for an 04-06 ­čÖé

  3. That is such a sexy color scheme you have there

  4. What’s a slide stop?

  5. Nice 5pw, have 1 myself, which brings me to my question, where did you get the halos? After some for my bike

  6. Just spend the money on petrol and track days

  7. All that nonsense u003C Nick Marino

  8. Every little thing helps. But once you start tuning, you won’t stop.
    Next winter you’ll be removing the AIS and the EXUP. And soon you’ll be getting the head skimmed and the ports polished……… It never ends!

  9. The stacks are a must

  10. Just remember, when you start adding performance mods, you will gain an increase somewhere but also lose ridability somewhere else with the bike.

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