Is it worth buying the ktm and sell the Yamaha?


Hey guys. I need your help, I have a big bike dilemma and I have 2 hours to make my mind up
I LOVE my 2015 fz09. But I have the opportunity to buy a 2015 superduke 1290r.
It will cost me over twice what my fz09 did but I love the 1290 as well
Is it worth buying the ktm and sell the Yamaha?
Please give me your opinions and expirences. Thank you

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  1. You know if you buy the 1290 you'll have to leave this group! Lol

  2. i would go for it.

  3. Sometimes the dream isn't all it's cracked up to be, and I don't know if the KTM will be TWICE the bike. And then your financial situation is another thing to consider. And also if you dropped about $3000 on the FZ getting it turboed and supercharged and titanium valves, it would be twice the bike than the Superduke… Just sayin!!!

  4. I have a Ktm and although it's not a 1290 it's much more maintenance then a Yamaha and more expensive for parts

  5. If I had the money I would go superduke all day everyday

  6. Have both.. both great bikes but the KTM wins hands down..

  7. Also keep in mind that KTM made 3 Superdukes in 2015. Warren Buffet got one, Bill Gates got one and the 3rd disappeared onto the black market. That must be the one that you're looking at. No, wait. They made quite a few so don't be pressured. Think it over. If you really want one, you'll find one.

  8. you need something to ride when the ktm is down for maintenance tho.

  9. "Ready to Repair"

  10. Definitely check insurance before you make a decision.

  11. Bryan Warren has both.

  12. Will Wall – you know which direction that questions going to head.

  13. Thank you everyone for your input. Due to not being able to use my bike as much as I woukd like to I'm going to save the money and keep my fz09.
    And I absolutely love my 09

  14. Fucking superduke bro… gives me such a chub… as long as you are the rider for it… if you aren't an animal on the fz…. then I'd say you aren't ready

  15. Keep your FZ!

  16. Ive ridden both. Im always scared that im going to break the superduke.

  17. I think its funny how everybody seems to always mention the superduke as an upgrade, but never really the fz10 lol

  18. Honestly you have to ask yourself if you really need the duke. Do you need all that power? Will you exploit all that power enough to make it worth it? Is the fz enough power for you? Then you have to look at the financial side. Do you have the cash to have that bike and use it as much as your fz without being in a lot of debt? You sure wouldn't want a bike that sit in the garage because it cost way more in repair, ajustment, gas, etc. It's my opinion tho, the real choice is in your hands.

  19. Buy the Duke

    You'll buy the FZ and spend most of your time wishing you bought the Duke.

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