Is it really worth getting a naked bike with that much power?


Went to a KTM demo today with some friends. I was honestly hoping just to ride the 690 Duke to compare to the FZ07, but I ended up riding a 2018 Super Duke 1290 R. Wow, what a machine. Plenty of power, awesome handling, color display, hydraulic slipper clutch, super smooth transmission, and super comfortable. Ended up in the showroom after the ride and smacked with the sticker shock, $18k. Considering that my ’15 FZ07 is paid off, I’m struggling to justify taking on payments on a bike like that. I’m thinking I could sell my FZ for around $5500 privately (has some parts on it and is very clean), as I assume the dealer will destroy me on trade value. Is it really worth getting a naked bike with that much power? I already struggle to get to 115 on the FZ before the wind becomes too much. I know this post is kind of rambling, but give me your thoughts.

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  1. The only thing I was sold on for the price was cruise control lol

  2. Did they also demo how long they spend broken?

  3. With a windscreen and good helmet it’s not hard to do 120 on our bikes I’ve had mine up to 218kmh no problem lol

  4. The duke 790 is coming out in october !!! That is gonna the best in my opinion

  5. What was your reasoning on buying the fz in the first place??

  6. My last bike was a 690 duke. I would love to have a super duke.

  7. I bought my fz from a dealer that also sold ktm. \nI walked in wanting the duke 690 and left with the fz07. Way better value and you just cant beat the sound of a piped 07. Super duke is cool but seems like a lit of dough for a naked bike

  8. That bike is a dream, if you can do it, go for it. Beautiful bike and one I need to ride before I die!

  9. Also, did you have to put down a deposit to ride it?

  10. 115 on the FZ07?

  11. Rather have a Ducati Monster 1200 R for the same price

  12. Or an MV Agusta brutale rr

  13. I had a Superduke as a loaner when my Triumph was being worked on and I can say with 100% certainty that if I was going to spend 18k on a brand new motorcycle that one would be it.

  14. I took a demo ride on that bike and my god it’s ridiculously fun. Listen man the whole point of riding is to have that smile n happiness. So I think if ur really thinking about it and went n made this post your mind is already set. I have 3 friends with this bike and the best thing they say is waking up in the morning n turning the light on the garage n thanking themselves for buying it

  15. I’m crossed between this bike and the s1000r naked. Both amazing but ktm is a show stopper

  16. KTM Street bikes are made in India – poor QC and quality. I ride a S1Krr when not on my FZ07 and would recommend the R ^^^ for similar money and better quality if you’re gonna finance something anyway.

  17. In my oponion….. the superduke is one of the best bikes out there, with very good quality….. my only problem is the looks and the colours….. but my friend have one and it is a superb bike.\nDucati… expensive to maintain… but most of bike does.\nYamaha i find that is a goid bike, cheap compared and alows you to do what you need, and i love the looks of the XSR.

  18. If I could afford it, It’d be in the garage right now. you really can’t go wrong with the Superduke.

  19. Buy the 2017 model, my husband just bought one for $14,500

  20. You went down to barneys st Pete?

  21. The grass isn’t greener. Enjoy the testrides, but enjoy your own machine.

  22. I’m in love with the super duke as well. I got to say it is nice to enjoy a bike that is paid off and if it ever gets dropped it won’t hurt my feelings as much

  23. Honestly i would choose the new Triumph Speed Triple RS over that any time and day

  24. Get a drz 400

  25. Husky 701

  26. Dunno why everyone bangs on KTM for reliability issues. 2 of my friends ride em pretty hard and they don’t do anything out of regular maintenance and they’re still rippin.

  27. This is the Duke I would get

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