Is it possible to do a belt change trail side?


So I’m new to the sport and keep hearing about “make sure I keep an extra belt”. Is it possible to do a belt change trail side?

2019 Zforce 500 trial

2019 Zforce 500 Trial

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Answers ( No )

  1. Some might argue the point but I don`t believe so. The space between the outer flange and the case, the space the belt must pass, is narrower than the thickness of the belt, even if it didn`t have to twist nearly 90 degrees to do that (and they don`t twist without a great deal of force)
    I asked of any who claim it can be done or claim they have done so, to provide a video of the feat, and no one ever has.
    If you were to bring a means to remove and replace the secondary clutch then yes, you could change a belt trailside.
    or if you made and carried a special belt that has had the inner corrugations ground shallower by 50 thou or so for a distance of six inches or so then you`d have a chance of getting that belt on.

  2. not easy to change on the trail. Also as a dealer I’ve only sold maybe 3 belts in 3 years

  3. You don’t need an extra belt for Cf Moto. They don’t burn/break belts like other brands… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone post about breaking a belt on a trail with a Cf Moto…

  4. You will be fine. Thay 500 does not have the belt shredding power. Like the 1000 Especially on stock tires

  5. I believe the 500 is like the 800 and has a wet clutch so it is a lot easier on belts than the 1000 and most other brands

  6. Never had a belt problem on any ATVs I’ve owned, don’t worry about it

  7. My question is what size trailer is that. It’s perfect for my needs?

  8. Looks like a home depot or tractor supply trailer

  9. Cf ya don’t as long as you use low gear when ya should.
    Polaris or CanAm, belts should be sold in 6packs.

  10. We do a trip where we travel across Newfoundland Canada. It takes us ten days on atv. If I blow belt someone may be able to put it on for me but I would guess it could be hard to impossible to buy so I carry one for that trip.

  11. Use the correct range, low for everything but high speed, and you’ll won’t need a belt low including loading onto the trailer

  12. Haven’t blown a belt yet

  13. Had a hell of a ride today in my zforce 500 trail, had a log go through my floor into driver footwell. Later snapped a tie rod end, luckily because it happened before I had a spare. Got a flat tire, Than snapped another tie rod going across a river, again luckily I brought 2 tie rod ends! Rough day.

  14. Im 600 miles in and still on the original belt and im running 31.5s

  15. I plan on having an extra one when isbtart racing but I use high gear for everything except loading in the to bed of my pickup and toy hauler.

  16. Why are you hauling this backwards??

  17. Know the difference between belt slapper (snowmobile style) drives and constant variable tension drives

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