is it normal for Raynauds to make your hands swollen?


Ok I’m very new to this and am still learning. I have some questions if anyone can help me with them please:

1) is it normal for Raynauds to make your hands swollen?

2) does anyone have problem with it getting set off when exercising or working when the rest of your body isn’t cold?

3) I have two children that play sports outdoors so I’m in the cold and wind pretty much year around can any please recommend a good pair of gloves and socks to stay warm!

4) does anyone else have attacks also when you are drinking a milkshake or eating anything frozen?

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Answers ( No )

  1. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Gloves with heat
    4. Yes everything can trigger it..

  2. What Lene said .

  3. Yes to all of these. My hands freeze at the gym when I touch the weights or machines. Cabin socks and Omni heat products are the best. Columbia makes Omni heat boots and coats. They're fantastic. I always have to wrap my milkshakes or anything in napkins. It sort of helps.

  4. 1. Yes, very in my case!
    2. No? I've never come across this and have had Raynauds since I was a baby. Sorry to hear that!
    3. Fisherman's Gloves are amazing. I also wear men's socks in Winter as they are so much thicker!!
    4. If I'm holding a carton the drink is in, yes so I put those coffee cup cardboard holder things round it and whatever else I can find just so I can drink without the pains in my hands. Please let us know what else as we're always here to support each other xx

  5. 1-3 yes, I wear alpaca wool gloves and if I am in the cold for too long, I put hand-warmers inside. Be careful of the freezer and the frozen section of the grocery store. Anything cold can set off a flare.

  6. 1) yes. Avoid salt, as in don't have too much, but a little is OK, drink plenty, but limit the coffee, even decaf.

    2) yes. Exercise activates the sympathetic nervous system, which can and often does trigger an attack. Have warm water available and pay close attention while exercising and cooling down. A nice, long, hot shower after helps.

    3) battery operated is the way to go!

    4) yes. Don't do it. I'm serious. Ice cream is nice but not worth the pain. Instead, try making "ice cream" with 2 frozen bananas, Chocolate powder, milk (any variety), sugar, and a bit of vanilla. Tasty and not nearly as cold.

  7. When any part of the extremities, get constricted there is some damage. The body produces inflammation to try to heal the area. If the body sweats- the sweat cools down and sets off the body thinking it is in a cold place. Mittens that are labelled thermal, and put in them hand warmer, also bring with you a thermos full of hot water to sip on, and eat some protein- all together will help to keep hands warm. Cold foods/drinks can create a raynaud's attack in the throat and sets off a chain reaction to the rest of the affected parts

  8. Yes to everything and I also have white and blue fingernails. But I almost always have nailpolish on so I don't have to see it.

  9. I regularly have issues when I exercise. As soon as I stop I get an attack!

  10. My hands/fingers hurt so bad even when I grab frozen food for only a few seconds.

  11. I also noticed a rapid drop in body temperature. 36.8 -> attack -> 34.8 -> hot bath -> 37.

  12. My temp used to be pretty much normal, but the past 5 or 6 years, maybe more, it's been very low all the time.

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