Is it normal for my hips to be cramping?


Thanks for the add! Fairly new to motorcycles. I had a Honda Rebel for a year then upgraded to this. First sport bike, is it normal for my hips to be cramping? I know I’m probably hugging the tank too hard but how would others rate the riding position of the bike? I’m 5’4.

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  1. LOL…if you’re 54 it’s normal for your hips to be cramping.

  2. Maybe readjust your body position. Sit closer to the tank. First that i’m hearing about hip cramping vs back pain.

  3. This is one of the reasons I didn’t opt for a Sports bike, tucked in a cramped. I had a hip replacement at 42 and still get aches and pains after a long ride. Think the Street triple is the best riding position I’ve tried and can’t wait to pick mine up on Saturday.

  4. Just sold my 17 675 because the riding position is so uncomfortable on long rides…picked up a 2018 Bonneville T120

    • How is it compared to the D675? And how about highway speeds?

    • its like riding on a couch lol so comfortable’s heavier but stays planted and is a nice chill ride but has monster torque when you want to jump in and out of traffic…the top speed/high speed doesn’t compare but I’m Not really Looking to go 150 mph …It will cruise at 80 easily ..haven’t really pushed it past 110 because I’m still breaking it in and didn’t want to tap her out lol

    • DeWolfe Thanks for the review! I hope i get to ride one someday.

  5. That’s why I got a Triple and not a Daytona. But honestly, I had worse hip cramping on my Bonneville, so it must be more about ergonomics and how you’re holding your body.

  6. Well I’m 5’3 and half and 57 years old 4years ago I test drove the Daytona and the street triple brilliant bikes both but it was very clear to me the street was the one to have, by a long way, your the wrong side of 30 nevermind 50 I’ve been riding my 675R ever since pure joy it is and runs rings around many much bigger bikes and all in complete comfort 765RS on the cards next year.

  7. Sounds like I have to test ride a street triple. ?

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