Is it normal for fingers to hurt without any discolouration?


Sorry another question. Is it normal for fingers to hurt without any discolouration? My daughter says her fingers hurt but they are normal colour.

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Answers ( No )

  1. I have this issue. Sometimes I have the worst pain with no sign of discoloration to my hands/fingers. Prayers for your daughter & for all who suffer with this dibilitating disease ♡

  2. Yes. I never see discoloration in my hands, but feel intense pain.

  3. OK thanks you everyone

  4. Before my fingers discoloured i was 15 and my fingers were in agony at the slightest temp change. I got tested for a lot of things that came back neg and had fbc done. Mine only started to discolour a few years back.

  5. I just experienced this a few days ago in my toes. I kept looking for the discoloration, but an event never happened.

  6. Fingers & toes, yes! Sometimes I just bang them into something & I'm sure I have broken something, because the pain is unbelievable. Then, I look at the 'injury' & it's not even red???

  7. sometimes my cat walking on me hurts, her feet feel so pointy 🙁

  8. Yes, unfortunately. Get thin knit gloves for times like this. The softer the better.

  9. Yeah I suffer with this sometimes hurts like hell. X

  10. My hands ache ALL the time.

  11. I put the pains without raynauds symptoms down to my psoriatic arthritis

  12. I will have numbness and pain but hand are normal temperature.

  13. Yes, and sometimes I'll feel cold shortly before my fingers feel cold to others

  14. Yep, very painful

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