Is it legal in Europe to wear a half helmet?


Quick Question … is it legal in Europe to wear a half helmet, specifically Italy. Not that I would, but I'm in a discussion at work and can't find the relevant data to support it either way. I remember reading somewhere that at least in Italy it must be a 5/8 helmet or greater. THANKS !! RIDE SAFE !!

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  1. In France your helmet has to be marked with the E22 standard. Many countries (not only in European countries) use this standard for helmet homologation. I guess if your helmet is ok with the standard E22 why do you can’t ride in Italy ?

  2. European standard is 2205 usual on back of helmet or on inner straps

  3. Thanks guys … I’m aware of the standards but I’m curious of the types as in half helmet vs full face it 3/4 helmets … Maybe what I read a while ago was bogus … Thanks for your responses !!!

  4. Actually, you can wear ANY helmet you like, it’s up to you. But in case of an accident, your insurance company will decide whther your eligible or not to any compensation, depending if your helmet is homologated or not. And ifr it’s not, zilch…

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