Is it illegal to put your knee down?


Random question. Is it illegal to put your knee down.

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Answers ( No )

  1. I don’t think it is? I know my mate tried it, didn’t end so well

  2. Just wondering what a copper. Would think if he saw a biker coming out of a corner with the knee on the floor lol

  3. Save it for the track lol

  4. its classed as dangerous udue care by the so called powers to be don’t get caught doing or trying

  5. Yeah it is classed as dangerous riding/without due care….but it doesnt stop me ud83eudd37u200du2642ufe0f

  6. Catch me if u can I did.full tank of fuel see ya!

  7. Yes. Dangerous driving. Even illegal to go round roundabouts

  8. Craig Luce thinks so. That’s why his sliders look brand new

  9. Twice round a roundabout legal limit

  10. Yes it is they can reepo your bike

  11. Could come under driving without due care and attention

  12. I do t think it’s illegal in its self but it’s deemed a by product of other illegal moves such as speeding, dangerous driving/riding

  13. Just find a quiet roundabout at an industrial estate

  14. Is it me or are the posts here getting dumber and dumber?

  15. Yeah you get done ! Don’t mess about now on r1 as much as my rc8 to many cameras everywhere

  16. Need to invest in some new sliders soon tbh.

  17. I think so….

  18. Yes means your about to do something stupid like propose to someone!!!!!

  19. All jokes aside if the traffic feds see you you’re gonna get in shit for it. I’ve seen it happen many times

  20. Why would you want to.. go faster it’s much easier

  21. ffs , go buy a honda

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