Is it from doing the airbox mod?


How much of a HP gain is it from doing the airbox mod? Also has anyone done the marble trick as opposed to buying smog.block off plates. 14 r1

Is it from doing the airbox mod?

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  1. Hp gain from the air box mod alone is hard to measure. Because it’s strictly off of forced air, which is hard to measure on a dyno. I will say that it does help.

    Sure you can use a marble, or have it flashed and shut off. But another point to this mod is slight weight reduction too. I try not to ghetto things together, especially when it comes to a passion of mine (bikes). Plates are rather cheap ( I sell them ). So does Nick Marino. I would suggest talking to Nick about his flash too.

    Hope that helped. If you want a good deal on plates, let me know. Though it might be cost effective to you to get a flash from Nick, and plates.

  2. Marbles will work, but for $25 you can do it the proper way like chad mentioned. I can certainly deactivate it in the ecu flash, but plates are still recommended to fully seal it off.

    The airbox mod is worth it simply because it’s free. Also, like chad said the mod is hard to measure because you’ll need strong fans in front of the ram air tubes to reproduce the ram air effect on the dyno

  3. For the cost of the block off plates I’d rather do it right then go the marble route.

  4. Ty guys for the input!!! ­čÖé Chad Bryant Grothaus i already have a Nick Marino flash i missed the block off plate special right before Thanksgiving haha. I know they’re cheap but i really dont feel like diggin that far deep hence thr marble.trick. hah. I guess ill be doing this Wednesday. As far as weight reduction much of an issue for me as i dont track my bike.

  5. Yes they are cheap. Buut again i dont wanna go diggin all up in the nooks and crannies lol.

  6. Nick mentioned block off plates arent really needed but i would like to see the difference in sound with the marble on decel. And maybe then will i consider buying plates

  7. You’ll notice a HUGE improvement with decel backfiring if you block the smog pump

  8. There’s another way to do it that’s better than that marble but cheaper than the whole plate kit. Pull all three of the hoses off with the little valve/pump assembly as well and leave the ported plates still in place bolted to the engine. Then slide some vacuum line caps over the two nipples on the plates with a hose clamp on each one, then same for the nipple on the air box. No marbles, you’ve eliminated the valve mechanism and electronics, so all you’re left with is the ported plates that are probably ounces heavier than the CNC aluminum plates. I thought about the fact that the block offs looking nicer, but I’ll never have my tank and air box off for anyone to see under there, so that was the route I took, and really it looks factory.

  9. Removing the pump makes it easier to do plugs too.

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