Is anyone here a type 1 diabetic?


Is anyone here a type 1 diabetic. I’m having trouble bonking. It happens with way less effort than it should. I commute 15 miles to and from work every weekday so I don’t think it’s a straight up fitness issue. More like glucose control. Any ideas besides slamming more energy gels would be appreciated ?

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  1. My best advice would be to talk to your doctor about this.

  2. How's your protein intake?

  3. if you are diabetic the only person you should talk to is a Physician or a certified nutritionist. even a good triathlon coach, which I hope I am , would give you that answer.

  4. Change of diet. I suggest talking to a Whole Foods plant based dietician

  5. Your doc is the best person for this question: see if they have a sports dietician to recommend who has specialized in diabetics.

  6. I think it's safe to say you should not utilize energy gels routinely because your blood sugar will crash. If you must use them, pair them with a protein. You probably already know protein will slow the absorption of the sugar to avoid a spike/crash. If this is new info to you, find a new doctor because this is basic and even non-diabetics would be wise to keep their sugar from spiking.
    *I'm not a doctor, but a student midwife studying to teach a whole foods class to diabetic families.

  7. Might want to bring your glucometer with you and check your blood sugar about 1/2 way there. Might have to bring a small snack with you ( I'm Type2). Have a talk with your Dr.

  8. First, im no doctor, but lets talk about this, cause you are not alone. There are many diabetic athletes out there. Type I and II they are out there. The obvious suggestions are what you should eat. The not so obvious ones are not. 1)There is a direct correlation between the level of intensity and the rate of glycogen consumption. Have you tried slowing you pace, dropping to easier gears or flatter terrain? 2) what about when you eat? Have you tried a snack about 45 minutes prior to your rides? Lastly, i would interested if you know what your bgl is during your bonk. Take your meter with you(if you dont have a cbgm) take multiple readings before, half way, after and if you feel like your bonking; journal them. If anything having this information when you go to an endocrinologist will help you in the long run.

  9. I am not diabetic but a guy I rode with has been his whole life. He said that when he got into riding, his insulin usage went WAY down. I'm sure he told me why but I can't recall.

  10. I believe all the Norvondisc riders are Diabetic. There might be some useful stuff on their website.

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