Is a Vulcan 500 a good starter bike I'm 16


Is a Vulcan 500 a good starter bike I’m 16

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Answers ( No )

  1. Definitely. Very capable bike and easy to learn on.

  2. No don't, unless it's racing bike, if you want to get cruiser bike so you'll have to go bigger and it will last longer, at least vulcan900

  3. 1500 was my first ride, just take it easy and find a lot to practice getting used to the weight. I was at a bike show one time and this 13 year old rode an ultra glide like it was nothing doing laps and figure 8s. Its all about practice. Go big, skip the 500

  4. Go big. Got my 900C at 16, and it's still funky on the highway.

  5. It's a ripper for in town and can manage highway speeds. Not great for cruising at 65+, but def can do anything. Wife and I took it on a weekend trip 4 hours away before we got a larger one.

    Honestly an awesome first bike. I wish I could have kept it when I bought the 1500.

  6. 500 is good for your first ride. My first ride was a 1974 Honda CB500. As you get older and if you keep riding, them move to a bigger bike. For next one….maybe around a 750.

  7. Yes good size and don't have to move up so quickly

  8. 16 was a ke125, 22-25, Ltd 400

  9. 500 is a fine starter bike. My very first bike (1982 and 18 yrs old) was a Honda CB650.

  10. If it fits you and you're comfortable that's what matters, if you get an 800 that would hold you for a good while.

  11. 800s are great and cheap btw

  12. 16 and ready to ride a street motorcycle? I'm assuming you have your drivers license along with the motorcycle permit/license?

  13. not possible in Portugal…

  14. If you are a larger statured person. The 900 isn't a bad starter either honestly. I started on one. As well as some friends. And its not too much to be crazy. But it has enough power to keep you happy with years to come. The smaller bikes like that, can get a little boring after a while and then you wind up spending more money

  15. Yes and definitely recommend taking a MSF course . Enjoy and never ride past your skill set.

  16. Absolutely ud83dudc4dud83dudcaf

  17. Im 6'2 and weigh 225 My first bike was a 500 it was nice! I have since upgraded to a 1600 😉

  18. Yes, the 500 is quick and snappy. Light and maneuverable!

  19. Yes excellent bike more power than some of the larger ones

  20. Exactly what I started on!

  21. Not if your in the uk you can only ride a 50cc at 16

  22. If you get a good deal on one. I would say the best starter bike would be the Honda CMX 500 Rebel. It will also grow with you. It out preforms most all 500-650 CC bikes minus the 650Vulcan. Go test ride one and watch some YouTube reviews on them.

  23. The 650 s is a great bike with lots of power. I have one as a second bike to my Harley and I just love it. Power commander with performance exhaust and the bike is crazy fast.

  24. The 650 s is a great first bike.

  25. Yessir, that would be a good starter. Better than a 250 anyway.

  26. Yes it is. Actually a good bike for just scooting around.

  27. Yup good bike to learn on my guy

  28. I learned on a KZ 400

  29. I learned on a 600 sport bike because I knew I wanted a cruiser, so I started with the sport bike then after 3 years bought a 1500cc cruiser, gave me variety of experience

  30. Where are you if UK can't have 1 at 16 ud83dude22

  31. Yeah, perfect

  32. My first cruiser was a 1700 clasic

  33. Thank u brotha

  34. Never rode a bike I didn't love. I've rode many. 500cc. Economical. Fun to ride. Yup. That'll do it

  35. Then upgrade to

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