Is a 600 enough for two up riding?


So looking to purchase a machine soon as they are in stock. My question is is a 600 enough for two up riding? I’m a big guy 300 lb and I only worry it that maybe I need to go to the 850. The only time it’ll be two people is for mostly just trail riding nothing aggressive. Thank you!

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  1. I have got one of the 600s me and my son together combined weight a 600 pounds and the bike handles very well with us

  2. They don’t ride at same rpm…you need to test drive.
    They both will handle you but not the same feeling driving

  3. I should have gotten the smaller one……said no one ever!!!!

  4. I am 335 and had a 2020 600 1 up. It did everything I asked of it plus it had larger 27″ 8 ply radials on it. For a 2 up bike I would suggest a 800xc though do to the extra weight of the bike, plus 2 people then if you ever decide for larger tires.

  5. I have a 600T and and an 800xc the 600 is a great machine no doubt but if it is in the budget I would get an 800 all day long. The machines are night and day in performance. Again there is nothing wrong with the 600 but having both I would go with an 800xc .

  6. 600 is plenty of power, if u want the extra power and comfort the 800 is for you. Go big 💯

  7. There’s an old saying that comes to my mind… “Its better to HAVE and not need, than to NEED and Not have! Trust me you will not regret getting the 800/850 over the 600!! Trust me!!
    There’s no one on here that wishes they had gotten the 600 instead of the 800/850!!

  8. I can’t speak for everyone else’s experience with the 600 but from my personal experience they are extremely underpowered

  9. yeah mate all good..i tow my 500lb wife around in a trailer coz she cant fit in the car..its good too coz i dont have to inhale her body odor or look at her

  10. I ride 2 up on our 400 with my wife no problem and I’m as big as you. So you should have no trouble on a 600

  11. I was looking at getting a 600 2up then I had a thought, if I get the 600, I would wonder what the 800 was like. So I just said f it, you can’t go wrong with the 800.

  12. 600 touring is pretty good at hauling 2 people, almost like it’s made for it lol

  13. Buy the zforce sxs. And ride in style next too each other

  14. My 600 huals around 800 pounds on it’s back when trail riding and still can hit 70

  15. General rule of thumb for pretty much anything in life…..
    More is always more, less is never more.

  16. 600 is plenty for 2 up trail riding.

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