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I have a quick question pertaining to shifting while coming to a stop. I just started riding a month a go and noticed today that when I had to come to a quick stop at a red light; I shifted down to third before focusing on stopping smoothly (so the person behind has ample time to slow down), and came to a complete stop. When I tried to down shift to 1st so I could prepare to take off, the gear selector didn’t get stiff like it’s supposed to in first. It was like you could keep shifting down infinitely. So when I tried to take off it ended up stalling. I think it was in second, but I couldn’t get it to go into first after I stopped. After I pulled into the left turn lane and revved it up, I got it into first with no issues. Any ideas? It’s a 2016 Iron with 1k miles on it.

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  1. My 17 Iron will sometimes not go into 1st when I’m stopped at a light. I believe it’s when coming to a stop like you said without properly down shifting. Mine feels more like it can’t go further down but I can feel it’s not the proper gear.

  2. You’ll get used to it over time and hit first every time. Rock the bike back and forth while at a stop will usually fix it everytime

  3. A. Ride
    B. Ride some more
    C. More than that

  4. I’ve had that happen to me a few times too. I’ve gotten quick about noticing I’m not truly in first and clicking it down quickly as I start to take off. When I first started riding, I started in 2nd quite a few times. You’ll get better with some seat time.

  5. If I see that coming, I’ll row through the gears while I hang on the brakes. If I don’t need to down shift, I don’t. I’d rather change brake pads than a clutch

  6. Also, if you rock the bike or let the clutch out and move an inch or two, it will usually drop on down to first.

  7. Hit 1st at every stop, and get into 1st before you come to a complete stop.

  8. Interesting … I never “engine brake” … if rather replace pads, so when I’m coming to s stop I just pull the clutch and coast/brake to the stop.

    Interesting to read how much variation there is to peoples riding styles

  9. I always remember to down shift to 3rd, because i love decel pop.. hit neutral or 1st right before the stop.

  10. The clutch can withstand as much reasonable downshifting as you’ll ever do. It is also a good idea to always be in the right gear if you have to get out of someone’s way quickly.

  11. I’m usually down shifting as I’m coming to a stop, unless I have to emergency brake, then it’s all about stopping.

  12. Thanks everyone for the amazing responses! Glad to know that I’m not the only one who experienced it. Made me worry that my bike had a major issue. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again (embarrassing) but I’ll try some of y’alls answers if it does happen again.

  13. Rev match down shifting until second then just engine break first and pop into N then all you gota do is tab down first and give a Little Rock sometimes. It Happens on other bikes too not not just Harley’s

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