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So I have a Super Reach Solo seat on my 883, with that I still have trouble planting both feet on the ground. I’m a staggering 5’3, so my question is, are there other seats out there that are friendly for us vertically challenged people? I need something that seats me lower than the Super Reach Solo seat. Any suggestions?

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  1. 1″rear lowering kit and/or shorter shocks. Perhaps setting the shocks to softest also will lower your ride.

  2. What brand of helmet is that?

  3. same problem. I am afraid to go uphill when there is traffic cause I cant stop when inclined.

  4. I know on La Pera seats, anything with “up front” added to the name, pushes your butt up about 3″ closer to the bars and lower about an inch to the ground.

  5. Those reach solo seats just put you closer to the controls and not closer to the ground. Get a lowering kit and set your shocks to the lowest compression setting. I’m 5’4″ and I have to tiptoe it sometimes on my Sporty. Thats why I made sure my bigger bike sits nice and low!

  6. Lowering kit required

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