Iron 883 1200-1250 Swap


Question for those of you that did a 1200-1250 swap on your 883. What was the total cost of everything? And did you upgrade the clutch diaphragm? Don’t feel like pulling the trigger to keep finding out I have to keep spending more money. Thanks

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  1. In euro’s there was a guy who payed 1600 for conversion

  2. Harley 1200 kit, includes a clutch, plus 10 hours labour. Expensive but I did it through the dealer for warranty purposes.

  3. Yeah but I don’t feel like spending an extra 1000 for labor when I can comfortably do it myself. I’m going to just make a post on here and also a forum post for people to have a ball park idea of price wise and how things go so no one is left out in the dark about it. I pulled the trigger and got the NHRA 1250 kit with new cometic gaskets through DK customs since it was on sale for 100 off. I’m going to buy the clutch diaphragm and the tool a bit into the new year. And I already have the service manual.

  4. Would be great if you can take photos and videos of the work, unless its already on youtube. Does the kit include replacing cams or head?

  5. Bro Roberto Amezcua, good idea u r doing this..It will be a great help and experience for others who want to do so… Happy New Year and Cheers bro.

  6. Just to update the thread I did purchase the NHRA 1250 kit from dk customs because it was at a discounted price until today. Full cometic gaskets and pre installed pistons. That ran me 600 plus 30 for shipping to the states from Canada. Plan on running the upgraded clutch diaphragm which is about 30 and the tool to install is another 65. So another 100 or so and I’m waiting for a response from Vance and Hines about sending me a tune for the 1250 upgrade

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