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Hello guys, thanks for the add.

Quick question. Really interested in a pull behind camper but how comfortable are they to sleep in the mattresses all look very thin? Don’t want to spend it then find out I’d be more comfortable in a motel bed.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I think the objective of camping with a trailer is to save $50-$200 per night and be more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. If you’re expecting motel comfort, this may not be for you…. JMHO

  2. You have the option of air matress where the pump is in the matress or a plug in style pump.either way they don’t take up to much room..I have a memory foam that I fold in half and put on top of the camper when done. I have a longer cover for the extra foam on top..kind of a loaded’ll get every answer..

  3. There’s not a lot more in comfort, but at least your off the ground and can stand up and get dressed, and have room for all other camping gear, but sleeping is about the same as tent others than having to get up in the morn. Good luck on what you decide to do

  4. If it’s price that you’re lookin at, go with a cargo trailer and tent. If it’s easy that you want, then a tent trailer is the way to go. Tent trailer is up in less than 10 minutes and you can stand up to get dressed. Oh and it’s all dry and you’re not sleeping on the ground

  5. There is actually more comfort having a nice flat surface you can level than uneven ground. Yes you may want to add more padding is you want soft and plushy.

  6. I made a trailer with 2 cantilever sides,and a drop in section for the centre.I put a blow up settee/double bed on it,and its as good as,if not better,than any other camping trailer.I park it inside a 3m x 3m Gazebo.It beats climbing off the ground for a piss at 3am.

  7. 120ah battery runs fridge,lights,shower,and 100wpc laptop sound system.Gas bottle has a plug in at the back for the cooker/bbq.

  8. 4ft x 3ft.Folds out to 9ft x 4ft.Weighs about 60kg without the battery & gas bottle.

  9. I took the foam out and use a air mattress

  10. The Time Out comes with an air mattress

  11. Two single air mattresses from Walmart fit perfectly in our Aspen classic. Fold up flat with the thin pads that come with it.

  12. I have the kind you might find on a rollaway bed. Maybe 2\

  13. I don’t like air mattress, not comfortable to\nMe , too much movement, bought like a water bed !!! \n Not found a good mattress as yet , but looking at a Carhartt Dog bed !!! Yes it’s for a dog !! But should fit in the Timeout !!!\nSeen one at a Rocky Boot outlet in Nelson ville , Ohio, really firm, an soft !!! Canvas exterior, they are 44 x 33 x 4.5

  14. I made a custom memory foam mattress with a quilted cover. It takes a little more room but we can still lay rubber made containers on top with our clothes in them.

  15. I put a 1″ memory foam topper on mine, it sleeps great

  16. We have a Leisure lite and love it. We keep a full-size air mattress with an auto pump and it’s very comfy. Room to stand, AC unit – great little rig. Pulls easily!

  17. We have an air matress. Extra thick, takes queen sheet. Super fast to fill and deflate and amazingly comfortable!!

  18. Your not going to get hotel bed level of comfort but you can get something much closer to that than tent camping.

  19. We’ve spent 6 weeks at a time sleeping in a Bunkhouse with no problems.

  20. would an air mattress make the difference?

  21. Air mattress =love shack

  22. Try air mattress

  23. I sleep better in mine than I do one the mattress on my bed at home.

  24. I know this is an old post, just putting in my experiences. I got the 8.75\

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