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Anyone using helmet intercom ? Don’t want bike to bike , just pillion , any recommendations ?

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  1. Ive been using Interphone F3, works with passenger, sat nav and phone, I am happy with it.

  2. I’m using Sena SMH10. Does it all.

  3. Theres a post on here from a couple weeks back, lots of suggestions in it if you have a little search.

  4. Have you seen how many posts on this site Shaun ? ! Just had a 5 min search , that’s about my limit ???? …

  5. Verry very happy with it. Changed from scala rider g9 and sena is way better

  6. Midland btx1. Only have the single but for £120 it’s brilliant. Phone calls and sat nav loud and crisp even at speed. £200 for twin set!

  7. Lol, I just typed ‘intercom’ in to the search this group bit and it was the second post 😛

  8. intercom F4XT, with a handlebar control, is sick!

  9. That’s a new one on me , just looked and can’t find how you do that , help a brother out dude , how ya do that Shaun ? ….

  10. Phil Horrocks , spoke to a nice man about that one , will let me have it for 160 if I fit myself , so you would Defo recommend yeah …..

  11. I would Ian, it was recommended to me by guy I bought the bike off & I’m more than happy with it. I’d have bought the two for that price. People I talk to on the phone while on motorway say it’s much better than then the built in Bluetooth in my car.

  12. Excellent , cheers Phil ….

  13. Ι Have the SENA 20S! It’s super!!! I connect to gps, 2 cell phones at the same time (the only one that can do this) works superb, the battery stamina is a beast and the quallity of the microfone (has 3 types inside the package) are super. the quality of the speakers are 8/10 but you don’t want to hear vilaldi or mozzard in theatre quality on your bike I suppose… you pay a little extra but believe me its worth every penny or Euro or dollar what ever you use :)\nso many possibilities I dont use them all. \nAnd one last thing it connects with smart phone and makes your life easy like stealing a candy from a baby. that easy.\n\nOnly the possitive experience till now!!!!

  14. Great stuff , cheers guys ….

  15. I’m using a Cardo SHO-1. Expensive but its the nuts. I use it with Windows phone and Garmin satnav.

  16. You will need to spend around the £200 mark to get a decent system.I also just want to speak to her on the back,but they will also do all the other things.I think they are all about the same around that price.You can spend more but if that’s all you want look at the Intercom systems.

  17. Cardo scala rider Q3 IMHO intercom, music, radio, phone and satnav.

  18. yep, unfortunately below 200 are low quality, I went through a good few different ones, last for a while then you will have a loads of different issues, worth to spend money, f4xt wit the handlebar remote costs around 380 (a pair) I have them for 2 years or over, in use for around 2 hours every day, no problems with it.

  19. Intercom F5MC with handlebar control, the business !

  20. I got the Sena 20 last week in the US and I’ll be fitting it this weekend. I don’t have a pillion so it’s mostly for listening to music and GPS. I heard the quality is great and I hate spending money on stuff that’s not 100% satisfying, but they weren’t cheap.

  21. Not really wanting for Sat nav , radio , phone , Im a map kinda fella , stick a little bit of paper to screen with basic road number details , or a paper map in tank bag , don’t want to answer the phone on the bike , sorry but no call is that important to me , not safety issue , just like to get away from it all on the bike , be different if was a courier , this is just cos I keep forgetting what the tap codes mean between me and the missus , much easier if she just tells me she wants a piss ???????? … Thanks muchly for input , see how this weekend’s journey goes without one and will decide from there ???? ….

  22. well it depends what your job role is, I need to be available pretty much 24/7 so having a set in my helmet, makes my life so easy.

  23. As I said , if a courier would be different , or any other job that requires being in contact , just not for me , looking for talking to pillion only ….

  24. Look at the interfone series. F3 is for pillion use.

  25. Cheers Shaun , still can’t find how to search posts on this group ???? …

  26. Hehe. They’re all around the same price within the different brands, just find one that does what you need.

  27. Just realised that if I pull down on my screen a search bar shows up , doh , that makes life easier , cheers Shaun , reckon I’ll go with the Midland one i found yesterday , will have to wait , off to London for a Thai festival ….

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