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Im in the market for a helmet with bluetooth. What is everyones preferred BT/Intercom brand and why? Are there any that are “universal” that can pair with different types? Was also looking at ILM, TORC and Freedconn helmets… anyone have any personal experiences with those? Good or bad?

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  1. Sena, shoei or arai


    For 30 years I’ve used HJC helmets & modular for sure. I have Uclear for my Bluetooth & works great

  2. I have an HJC helmet and a chatterbox


    i use this one.I dont like the quality of the sound also battery life is 2days max 3.


    and this is photo

  3. I have been searching helmets for the past few weeks. I also work in manufacturing. My advice is stay away from any helmet that is made in China. China materials are cheap. Also don’t settle for a helmet that is only DOT certified. Make sure that you get ECE it Snell as well. Snell is not a requirement unless you are on the track, but get ECE at least. The difference is DOT does test helmets, but after they are on the market. The manufacturers test their own helmets to meet DOT. If the helmet doesn’t pass DOT testing, the helmet is already on the market. ECE requires every batch of new helmet to be tested before they go to market, and their test is a little tougher to pass than DOT. TORC is American made

    • That’s very interesting to know. I only knew “snell approved”. Where can one find out about the information you provided?

    • There are tons of videos on YouTube. Look up ECE versus DOT. They actually show you the testing procedures in the factory. It’s really interesting. My 20 years in manufacturing and engineering is why I can rightfully say that Chinese materials fail a lot, and break down over time faster than Japanese or American materials.

  4. I have sena, and doesn’t need room inside. Speakers are under the padding. Depending on helmet, some come with a spot for speakers, and the removeable mic is very flat.

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