Instant up tents


I was wondering if anyone was using the instant up tents? I am thinking of getting a 6 man, and wondered if it is as easy as they say to set up. How it holds up in rain, and wind. If it is good I may buy a 6 man, and a screen room. I should be able to haul in my Piggy back trailer.

Instant up tents

Instant up tents

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  1. I have the largest Coleman Instant Tent. I can set it up in less than 2 minutes by myself. We’ve used it for about 4 years now and are very satisfied with it.

  2. Thanks Alicia Holder Ponder How long have you had it. Do you have a rain fly?

  3. Aaron Drummond How do you haul it.?

  4. We got it last year and yes have rain fly..

  5. Alicia Holder Ponder I am getting one.Thank you.

  6. YW…love camping…headed to Ironhorse in May for a long week…

  7. my question, how is the ventilation, and in a down pour since the rain fly does not come all the way down, does the rain come in the windows?

  8. I bought an Ozark Trail 10 person instant tent from Wally World when we went out to Sturgis last year. Was a breeze to set up. Took less than 2 minutes to open. Took longer to put the stakes in the ground and put the rain fly on. Before we headed out I put seam sealer on all the interior seams twice and sprayed the outside with a silicone waterproofing spray. Rained it’s arse off one night so hard that porta potties were floating and we stayed bone dry. Fit perfectly in a HF tag a long trailer placed corner to corner.

  9. Robert Sutherland, sorry to leave you hanging This is what I use to make the cooler holder. Just turn it upside down, and u bolt it to tongue.

  10. Robert Sutherland Did you under stand what I meant about U Bolting it to the tongue?

  11. You I got it. Thank you Gary. I’m at a walmart now

  12. Yup. I love it. Rolls up to a small package.

  13. The inside. That’s an inflatable queen size.

  14. Nice looks comfortable.

  15. Too many Roberts getting confused.

  16. Rain does not come in windows, and ventilation is great…

  17. But you do need to keep windows zipped up in heavy rain, can leave each one open a few inches…

  18. Thanks for answering my question Alicia.

  19. YW Karen …

  20. Has anyone here ever been to Ironhorse in ,NC ?..

  21. My friend has the 4 man version and really likes it. We camped out on the Oregon coast last year and it was wet and windy. He had no issues other than it doesn’t pack small and is a bit heavy.

  22. Oops…our’s is a Ozark trail, 10 man…set up is 10×14…packed 46" long…6" square… 6" x6" x46"…

  23. No but I’m busy marrying an oversize Tent Cot to a HF Tag a Long.

  24. Sorry..
    Hubby corrected me…( sweetly ) …we have a queen bed, table, chair, room to stand, get dressed, tarp for under tent, store gear & all fits into our bushtec.

  25. Tom Hendrie, Now that is funny..

  26. I just got a 4 man and in the dark, never used, it went up in 10 mins., and that included putting out the ground cloth. I love it. I was at the Grand Canyon it was a little windy, freezing cold at night, but no rain.

  27. This is my Ozark Trail 10-person instant tent. We were able to comfortably fit 2 queen size air mattresses in it and had plenty of room to spare on each side for luggage etc. Even comes with a floor to ceiling divider. The dimensions are 14’x10′. I believe the ceiling height is 78". Ventilation was great. Several windows. Rain fly worked well. Had one massive 40mph wind, rain & thunder storm. Common sense applied…keep windows closed during hurricane like conditions. Tent stayed 100u0025 dry. A breeze to set up. Fit perfectly & flat in the Harbor Freight tag a long trailer when placed corner to corner. And I do mean fit perfect. Cost $159 at Walmart. Put a tarp under it to keep floor from getting wet or damp. All in all I was completely satisfied.

  28. I want to thank everyone for there input. I have not heard a discouraging word about them from the 10 man, 6 man, or the 4 man. I am thinking 6 man would be for me. I think a screen room would work too.

  29. Alicia Holder Ponder I have not been to Iron horse, but I know people that have. Everyone said they liked it. I go to Hunt’s campground in Tellico PlanesTn. Motorcampers meets there June 5, 6, 7.. Depending witch way you are coming the Blue Ridge campground is also very good.

  30. Hey Gary, have you looked at the Black Pine FreeStander Turbo tents, very pricey, but made of ripstop, I do would like to see a second door,

  31. What is it like riding with one of those trailers? It seems like it would be difficult? Anyone ever try it with a smaller bike than the street glids? I’ve got a Bonneville and i’ve never seen one with a trailer

  32. Tanner CGib these are very easy towing trailers I have one and I would think towing it with your Bonnie would be fine they only weight 165 pounds empty and about 15 or 20 pound tougne weight

  33. Gary Moody I have a 60 second setup tent and it literally only takes 60 seconds. I love it and carry it in my N-Line trailer here is a picture set up while camping. I ordered mine from Campmore

  34. I am looking for a cabin stile. Thank you

  35. The largest I have seen in these is a 6 man. This is considered a 4 man but you would have to be a very close group to fit 4 people in it. Good luck!

  36. Karen Ann Kinnard Just saw this on Black pine. I am very interested. Do you have one, it looks stronger than Colman.

  37. Gary, no I don’t but was impressed with it. I would like to see a second door on it or a window at the rear wall.

  38. Look at the Escape 5 model, has deeper awning for the front and the floor is 8×8’6" instead of the 10×10 of the Freestander 6p. I don’t know what to think of the canvas versions, also look at Ebay there are several that are store returns.

  39. Robert Strickland what kind of tent do you have?! I love the separate "sitting room"!!

  40. Tanner C Giby you should check out the N-line only weights 80 pounds or so. Here is mine

  41. I like to research things before I buy, Gary the Black Pines Freestander 6p is 7′ high inside and is 4’8" length, 1’5"W and 8"tall in the bag. A young lady I spoke with said she has tried all by herself ad the Free Stander 4 is the best for her, she likes this tent over the Escape 5 and its only 6′ inside height. But if you want the screen in room, the Supreme 6 has one attached and has a full rain fly on the screen room..

  42. Wwe use a 10×13, think they call it quick-up or something. Easy set-up and pretty good protection, can look at it for more details if you want them.

  43. Finally got it all set up.

  44. Coleman makes an instant set up 6 or 8 man. They do really set up that easy, but I am not sure if it will fit in your trailer.

  45. Your little one will look great when it grows Here’s mine after it has matured….lol
    I can sleep 2 quite comfortable in mine it has a TV in the roof 2 big arse Scooter Deep Cycle batteries Charged by a 40 watt solar panel on the roof, Radio for mood music and the whole thing attaches to a 6 man tent that can be setup in less than 10 minutes. I also have a Self erecting tent that I can throw out on the ground and ride the bike under cover in that tent.. They are only about $40.00 Australian
    The dog is for extra overtaking power….pmsl.

  46. Ross Pearce you may need another dog to pull that rig.

  47. Oh he’s got the heart of a bull dog. He is my companion dog and he thinks he is a Great Dane….lol

  48. Here is my baby. Love my Greyhound.

  49. Can I borrow her for the long straight flats? ha ha ha … beautiful dog mate..

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