Installed a hitch and harness


Just installed a hitch and harness on my 2010 Street Glide to pull a Timeout camper. The camper has electric brakes, which from what I read add more risk than they remove… So here is my question…. Do I need to take off the brakes from the camper or just not power them? I'd hate to have both negatives – no brakes AND risk of self-actuation during bumps! Thoughts?

Installed a hitch and harness

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  1. i would just slow down before you come to a stop. i tried them on a kwik kamp and never could get them adjusted right. Just my 2 cent so do what ever you like. try it and see how it goes.

  2. Just build a trailer for my bike pulled it a couple times to get use to it had no brake problems

  3. I have pulled my aspen with the brakes hooked up and with out. Once dialed in they are great. without them you will need to check your bikes rear brake pads after every trip. The extra weight will wear them out quick. This I know for fact.

  4. Always have electric brakes on my timeout and well adjusted I could brake faster than a bike without a trailer…keep in mind that trailer brake first and slow down bike very fast..good luck drive safe !

  5. Unhook em and ride, besides trailer isn’t heavy nuff to slow u down like a camper trailer behind a truck would

  6. Loaded it will be over 450 pds almost 75u0025 of bike weight…add driver and passenger …very hard on bike brakes

  7. But you can always not use trailer brakes and ride unsafe if you prefer 🙁

  8. This question gets asked almost once a week on here. Basically it boils down to the rider and their skills and confidence. I believe every rider decides what is best for them. I like the brakes on my trailer not gonna tell you that you have to have them though. Experience will tell you what you need to know.

  9. Seem like what ever feel good to the rider and there style of riding

  10. I pulled a trailer that weighed on at 475 loaded, with an old Voyager XII. It had electric brakes. Never put power to them. Replaced pads with high quality pads, slower starts, certainly slower stops, but rolled like a champ.

  11. All you "brakers" out there – where do you mount the controller? Handlebars seems to be the consensus, what happens in rain – the drawtite model I looked into wasn’t waterproof!!

  12. Mine is a 2013 Timeout Deluxe with no brakes.
    Weight is weight. So, the more personal gear you pack, the more you change the handling. On purpose, I’ve pushed the envelope with my Timeout by cruising empty and then way overloaded. It’s a very stable trailer when heavy or light. You will definitely notice that acceleration and deceleration change when you load it heavy. I don’t miss having trailer-brakes, I just let off the gas and brake a bit earlier … you’ve got a trailer trying to push you down the road.
    Tail of the Dragon? No problem pulling the Timeout.
    Have fun! Enjoy the ride!

  13. My kwik kamper never had brakes but probably weighed around 400 when traveling. You can definitely feel when trying to stop. I always tried to use the motor to help me slow down.

  14. Leave and don’t use. Just plan and watch the road around you.

  15. I have a time out camper with brakes and I have never had a problem I’m glad I got the brakes

  16. Are they disc or drum brakes?

  17. If I were not going to use them I would remove with drums.Something comes apart in the braking system and your stranded or worse but that’s me.The disc not so much of a risk with them locking a wheel up.

  18. You can just not power them. They come from the factory that way.

  19. Put the parts up and save for the next owner and they will be in good shape to re install if they want.

  20. I have an Aspen with brakes. I pulled it home and then hooked power up later. They work great when adjusted properly.

  21. I was going to drop $1200.00 putting brakes on my Bunkhouse LX until I read some of the reviews. Not now.

  22. you can adjust your brake module to just be able to slow trailer without locking up

  23. I pull a 4×8 ft teardrop behind my 1200 gold wing with a smitty hawk 2 side car, the bike brakes do a good job, and I don’t have to worry about trailer brakes locking up

  24. Myself I like having the brakes especially in wet weather I do not have 450 pounds pushing my bike when trying to stop

  25. don’t like em, 1 side might work other won’t, can’t sync em,big bike has enough to stop u, also your ability

  26. I have 93 Goldwing use a old timeout no brakes have been for years no problem the biggest problem is the way you are loading it

  27. I pull a 98 bunkhouse lx. No brakes. I have never had a problem I’ve been pulling a trailer for 10 years. I pull with 07 heritage soft tail now.

  28. I use Electric Brakes on one of my trailers. It comes down to what type of controller you have I have a proportional Tekonsha brake controller on my bike and love it.. I have had many close calls where if it wasn’t for the electric brakes doing exactly what they are designed to do then I would be pushing up daisies ….

  29. Over 20K miles on a 99 Bunkhouse with no brakes. Just keep plenty of room to stop safely.

  30. I pull this loaded with camping gear, about 4-500 pounds. No brakes on trailer. No issues stopping at all.

  31. Hi i am a Aussie my wife and myself road aroun doing 23000 klm towing a Elite camper with hydraulic disc brakes fitted no problems what so ever. SUSS.

  32. I currently have and pull two motorcycle campers but have owned six and none of them had brakes. I have heard as many bad reasons as good but if my trailer came with brakes I think I would welcome it but be just as comfortable without them!

  33. Thanks all – since the trailer already has brakes, I decided to best to hook them up.

  34. I’m guessing you have an adjustable modulator. After a couple of trips with the electrics, let us all know how it went.

  35. A proportional brake controller is the best. It works with the inertia of you stopping. So the harder you brake the harder the brakes are applied on the trailer. Let us know how you go.

  36. I went with the time delay as the bumps and mounting attitude on a bike make proportional difficult.

  37. Rough mounted, need to wire

  38. My test run of the mount showed the controller moves around quite a bit from handlebar vibration.

  39. I hope that calms down a bit with the wiring harness and a couple zip ties

  40. Would it be best mounted to the tow bar ??

  41. Careful, over torquing those plastic mounts as it could result in failure due to fracture.
    Here’s my Redneck suggestion. Wrap a small piece of rubber inner-tube around the handle bar and then clamp your device mount over that.
    Should be a solid mount then.

  42. Brilliant minds think alike. I rubber mounted it

  43. I mounted a proportional controller in the tour pack.

  44. A little wiring job

  45. All back together, I’ll post the video

  46. Good luck , looks like a spagetti junction.

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