Indication of something wrong?


2005 YZF R1. The shift light comes on and stays on it seems like past 100mph in the last gear. Rookie question, i know. Normal for these bikes or indication of something wrong?

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Answers ( No )

  1. You can set it to different rpm

  2. Larry Tobin beat me to it lol

  3. YouTube has a video that’s probably easiest way to figure it out, that’s what I did haha

  4. That or for my 09 I googled the operators manual and service manual and read them

  5. The service manual is great if you do your own work gives you torque specs and all

  6. I wondered the same question

  7. should only be in 1st if doing 100mph there’s your prob

  8. I have my shift light set the same intentionally so it comes on at 100mph. Instant ban in uk over 100

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