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I know there has been a lot discussions regarding seats. I have a 2016 Chieftain and the stock seat gives my butt the numb job in about 100 miles. I have seen the discussions and have narrowed it down to an Ultimate seat or a Mustang seat. Any feedback on one vrs the other. Thanks in advance for feedback

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  1. This help a little

  2. Husband and I bought an Ultimate seat. We are able to ride longer now. He had lower back fused a couple of years ago. I have lower back issues. Seat is 99% better then stock! Hope this helps!?

  3. I have a 2017 Chieftain and went with the Ultimate seat – many happy miles!

  4. A lot of my problem was solved by lowering the floorboards. i have long legs and that extra room took some of the angle of my butt.

  5. I have about 15k on my Ultimate. By far the best seat I have ever had. I go on long trips often. Only have to stop when I need fuel. I had the same issues you are having with the stock.

  6. I went with the Corbin and love it so far. My last bike had a Mustang seat and I did MANY happy miles on it with no complaints at all. No experience with the Ultimate…

    • Aren’t the Corbins a hard seat?

    • Yes but the support it gives in all the right places has made 100+ mile stretches not a problem at all. It also moved me back a bit changing the overall riding position into comfortable one.

    • The color looks off from the original seat, would you agree or is it the picture. I was looking at Mustang but it’s much darker and I would then have to buy the passenger pads for the RM

  7. Color is off from the original yes.

  8. Had a Corbin on my Vic. Might go Ultimate on my ‘17 RM

  9. I have owned both brands and either one is a good choice.

  10. Find a good upholster and have them make it the way you want it. I did mine , love it, $350

  11. I just put a ultimate reduced reach on last night and put 50mi on. I am afraid I might not be happy, the ride position and back rest are great but it seems to numb a spot on each thigh just like the stock seat does. Its like all my weight rests on my thigh not my ass.

  12. I bought an Airhawk for $100 and use it for all trips. I don’t need it on local rides.

  13. I have a 2015. I did last year 8735 ride. Felt very good. My back didn’t hurt once.

  14. I had the same problem with my Chieftain, I upgraded to a Roadmaster and installed a backrest. Try calling Alligator Bob, he is very knowledgeable and will ask you certain questions about what is going on during your ride. He will take your seat, do some adjustments and put a pro pad in it. You can check the reviews.

  15. i have always used mustang on all my scooters but checked on seat for indian and mustang said there is an eight week lead time. so i ordered the ultimate tall boy. i have heard good reviews on them.

  16. After 100 or so miles you need to walk around some anyway..Besides, all asses are not the same…most don’t give the seat time to soften up…it’s like a baseball glove or a new pair of boots…been on my stock seat over 3 years now…it is broke-in and just fine.

  17. Both good seat and will do the job.

  18. I do not consider numb legs and ass in 100mi acceptable I like to ride gas to gas. If I do not find a seat that fits my weird shaped ass I’m going to have to sell this bike. I have never had a bike that I had any desire to even change the seat on and I have never had a bike that I could not ride gas to gas and some have gon further than this Indian by a few miles..

    • There are many people who dislike the Chieftain seat. Some people like it and some people have issues with it. I had issues with it, numb ass etc… After 200 miles I didn’t want to ride it anymore. You could try a back rest to keep you from sliding back on the top of the seat.

  19. Ultimate seats are better than Mustang, but damn….anyone will get sore after 100 mi

  20. I’ve had both a Mustang and Ultimate on my Chieftain. With the Mustang, I still needed an Airhawk pad. I’ve been running the Ultimate with no pad and no problems since May. I’ve probably got 5000 miles on the Ultimate and it is the most comfortable seat that I’ve had on this bike.

  21. I have the mustang great seat !!!

  22. Have you considered the Russell daylong seat? I have a friend that says they are the best.

  23. I know this wasn’t an option but I switched out the Chieftain seat for a Roadmaster seat. The Nagivator loves the heated option and quite frankly, the seat does me just fine for a tank of gas. My protocol calls for me to have a little walkaround and a pop at refueling so I don’t get the numb butt issues. Only my $0.02 but 200 miles are just about right for me and the better half.

  24. Have never tried the ultimate but I can tell you this , Ive owned three bikes and all of them have had the seats replaced with mustangs ….. you can’t go wrong with this seat, the lumbar support is superb and I can ride all day without a problem, my wife loves the passenger seat as well

  25. Having a ‘gel pad’ installed in any seat, on any ride can make a difference. Like night/ day. Here in NorCal , Paul Gudmundson – Quality Interiors has put them in my 2 rigid Shovel seats, ‘04 Softail, and my ‘15 Chieftain seat. As well as several friends. He hits all the big rallies like Sturgis, Daytona etc., doing seats. FYI, he told me a lot seats on Indians won’t benefit from gel, as the leather is thicker,harder than most.

  26. Just bought a 2017 Chieftain. I don’t like the seat either. I was twisting and turning on my 175 mile ride home . I’m looking at buying a Mustang Seat with back rest . I used a gel pad , last few rides.

  27. There are people around that can change your stock seat to your size, I did that on one of my bikes and was the answer.

  28. Man, thanks for all the good feedback. Really appreciate the comments !

  29. Good to hear it’s just not me… Why can’t a factory manufacture do a good seat??? I heard do good seat reconfigure

  30. Loving the Ultimate seats.

  31. Always referred to mine as a 75 mile seat, after 75 miles, had to get up and walk. Upgraded to a Mustang, have been well pleased with it.

  32. I can’t speak to a mustang on an Indian but I can ride indefinitely on the Mustang on my Nomad.. Over 50,000 miles of long comfortable days in the saddle. If Mustangs for Indian are similar you couldn’t go wrong in my opinion.

  33. I went with a Corbin dual last September. My ass has been thanking me every day since then.

  34. I have a Corbin for sale

  35. Saddleman gel set if they make one for it.

  36. P.S. I tried to order a Mustang Seat, w driver back rest. My Rep says they are backlogged. I’m on a list . There must be a problem with OEM . If Riders are trying to get them. In October 2017.

  37. I have always run mustang seats on all my bikes. Very comfortable. Never used a ultimate seat so I can’t comment on that. Mean city cycles also modifies stock and after market seats as well. I have a few friends that have used them and they love them also. The mod is cheaper than buying a new seat as well

  38. Ultimate seat has a flat wide pan. You have the same issue I had. Numb butt is because you hip bones are not supported on the stock seat and it pushes on your tail bone. The ultimate seat being flat and wide will keep our tail bone off the seat. I got mine over the winter and did a 6 day 2200 mile ride this summer…zero numbness even on the 12 hour day in the saddle. Plus, the folks there are super nice and helpful.

    They also do custom embroidery on the seat for a few bucks extra. I had crossed tomahawks stitches on mine, nicely done.

    The only thing you will notice on day one is that it’s width pushes your legs out. After about 300 miles, the seat will conform to your leg position and you will ride in total comfort.

    Best riding investment I’ve ever made! I’ve had both Corbin and mustang….this is waaaaaay better!

    Good luck….ride well!

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