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Good morning,

Currently a 2013 HD Road Glide owner. I’m on my 3rd HD. And have always been happy. I’m not a chrome person so I almost went with a new Road Glide. But my buddy wanted to go look at snowmobiles while we were out, so we stoped at Polaris desert which had an Indian dealer. And from there it opened a new chapter in my life. Next week I will be trading it in for a Chieftain Limited. I am trying to decide on accessories.

The reason I ride this style bike is because I do long rides, and I want cruise, music, lockable storage, comfort, and not be beaten up by the wind all the time.

My road glide I only upgraded comforts on it. But for the Indian I’m planning on doing the stage 3 with the Indian air filter, and Rush Exhaust. Possible if I can swing it do some comfort upgrades.

So I have a couple questions:

– Does anyone have a audio/video clip of a Chieftain with rush exhaust, and what’s everyone’s thoughts on it?

– People with the Indian mid rise bars do you like them(I’m considering getting them)?

– Current windshield I have is big and dark by klock werks. Does anyone have the dark flared windscreen on their Indian? And do you like it over the stock?

– I have never had a back rest for me. On long trips I always used a bag on the passenger backrest to lean against. Do people like it on the Indian, and is it adjustable?

– How much of a difference does the LED light upgrade make?

I know this is a lot. Like i said I’m new, and I appreciate any and all help, in put, or 2 cents.

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  1. I have an Indian flared windshield. I like it but really doesn’t matter with the mid-rise bars. I love the backrest, that was the first thing I put on. Yes, it’s fairly adjustable.

  2. Back rest helps my back, they are adjustable. And if I had’t had the backrest on when I grab throttle I. Would have fell off.

  3. I don’t have any answers, I own a scout, and planning my first long distance ride for this coming up summer, but I like to congratulate you on your first Indian and compliment you on your choice. Welcome to Indian Nation…

  4. Just remember you went from a Toyota to a Cadillac

  5. I too have the Limited, 2017. Rush exhaust along with the headers but Stage 2 Cams, Indian open breather and True Duals as well. Absolutely love it. Just last week though I took my sissy bar with luggage rack off, also the passenger seat and now am riding with solo seat with the backrest. What I love about Indian is all the quick release parts and easy to take off/on accessories. From floorboards to seats is really nice. As far as how she sounds and rides…I WILL not be going back to Harley. Indian is the Cadillac of motorcycles. Harley doesn’t even come close to the ride or sexy looks. The looks I get everywhere I go…PRICELESS. Everyone comes up to talk about, ask questions and even take picks. The sound, the rumble is beautiful. Shit! I want go ride now. Enjoy when you get it my brother. Oh! My girl just got her Scout for Christmas. Is why my bike solo now. But when gonna go on long rides like Tail of the Dragon, BAM! put everything on in 10min and we are ready. Peace out bro and CONGRATS. Out of DALLAS,TX.

  6. I have the mid rise bars and love them. The grips are just bellow my shoulders and beyond comfy but get the flares windshield because your hands are higher then the fairing.

    I had the backrest and I removed it because I found it would kick my in the kidneys every time I hit a bump. The only advantage is that it’s nice to push against when backing.

    The roadmaster comes with the led head light and it is far superior. A buddy of mine upgraded his chieftain and is glad he did.

  7. I have the Vance and Hines turn downs on mine, they sound awesome.Before you do performance mods check this out.Google then click on EMEA then scroll to all 2018 w-ts111 gain power and torque.You already have some extra power.

  8. Best wishes for your new Indian, you are going to enjoy that bike for sure….

  9. Welcome to Indian Nation Jonathan!

  10. Did the stage 2 cam, Rinehart slip ons, thunderstroke high flow air cleaner along with klockwerks wind screen, LED lights and the backrest. The engine mods make a noticeable difference and although the bike sounds great stock it sounds better now. Klockwerks winds screen is no brainer as are the LED lights. Welcome to the tribe!

  11. Could have got an HD snowmobile in the day. You’ll love your Indian way more anyway

  12. Welcome to the Tribe your going to love the bike and ride. I have the Mid-rise and love them, the backrest is a plus on long trips, the tinted flared windshield is a plus, I put on toe pegs on my engine guards nice to stretch out. I have Freedom true duel exhaust and love the sound.

  13. LED lights are amazing. The flare is what I prefer. I can get a couple more hours on the road with the back rest.

  14. Since you’re asking about comfort I think you might want to consider a new seat — the one that comes stock has 2 problems — every time you get on it you don’t want to get off. And every time you get off you want to get back on….. \nWelcome……

  15. I’ve always been disappointed with the positioning of backrest. Even the so-called adjustable never have me good support. I have a Roadmaster and the backrest is fantastic. A fire d if mine that rides a Wing set on it and was impressed, saying it was the best he ever felt. So.. Yes…I prefer long rides and this is the best back support I’ve ever had.

  16. I like my Indian backrest, no complaints.

  17. I run a rush header,rush warhorse pipes stage 2 cams,Indian breather and bike runs awesome, 9500 miles since March. No fuel programmer needed. Sounds like a V8 at idel.

  18. Knock Werks Fairing is amazing!

  19. Upgraded to Custom Dynamics Motorcycle LED Lights & Accessories LED Lights and so much better and brighter

  20. Nice choice and welcome to Indian Nation.

  21. You are going to want the Indian or Clock Werks flip windshield. I have Freedom True Duals Stage 1 & 2. You will also want a fuel controller.

  22. Welcome to the tribe and happy riding this summer!

  23. I have the mid rise bars and will never go back to stock! Super comfy on long trips!\nAlso have the Indian flared windshield. Works perfectly! No wind in the face!\nI have Mustang seats with backrest. Again, super comfy and virtually no fatigue on long trips.\nI went with Freedom Performance slip one’s and gutted the cat and stage 2 air.\nI need a tuner but that is coming in Spring. \nBest bike I ever rode!

  24. Saw this setup at Sturgis; Rush headers with 3 inch baffles and one of the best exhaust notes I have yet to hear on the 111. Sorry no sound clip.

  25. Try Freedom true duals on your exhaust I think you’ll like it better

  26. Congrats brother. Happy for ya. Beautiful bike. Mid rise bars have been a great upgrade for me. Much more comfortable. Took me a little time getting used to them but glad i have them.

    Stock shield is shit. I have the clear Indian flared and it’s just great.

    Won’t do long trips without my back rest. Huge improvement but it will push you forward slightly. Not a deal breaker.

    I’ve had Indians with stock headlight and my current Indian has the led and it’s fantastic.

    Again, congrats and ride safe!!!!

  27. I have a backrest on mine and it’s my first one. Absolutely love it.

  28. Beautiful scooter

  29. Freedom True duals 4.5 inch outlaws with cams

  30. Looks like someone went Apeshit on the pinstripes…

  31. I saw one of those at my dealership. It looks good in person.

  32. Mid rise bars\n21” wheel rc components \nSlip on rc exhaust \nIndian breather\nStage 2 cams

  33. Back rest is great has some adjustability, I have a LRS flare 14.5 smoke love it, true dual freedom exhaust head pipe to the back (sounds amazing) I also went with the stage 2 cams.. Love the power, for me it’s more than enough. I may do a Power commander one day I like the idea of switching from fuel mileage runs to all the power you want with the flip of a switch!

  34. I put a curved Long Rides windshield on my Roadmaster. Love it. I have stage two performance upgrades. Bike rides like a dream.

  35. Congrats. Welcome to the tribe!

  36. The backrest is the best option hands down!

  37. I also have Freedom Performance true duals and they sound awesome. I went with stage two cam and the open air cleaner. Great riding bike. I sold my Heritage Softail when I bought the indian. I still have my Electra Glide Classic. One of each is just fine with me!

  38. I definitely recommend the drivers backrest.

  39. Congratulations and good choice!If you had a KlockWerks flare then your going to want to upgrade to the same thing on the Indian . If you feel the need to brighten up the rear of that bike Kuryakyn makes some nice add on LEDs that tuck away between the side bags. Their flasher control will definitely get you seen when you hit the breaks too.

  40. Don’t know the details about KW Flare, but I went with the Indian Roadmaster Flare and I like the width and air management. And ditto to the driver backrest. I think it causes you to sit more erect rather than slouching. Both great accessories.

  41. This is a 10 in klockwerks the back rest is adj & if your goin stage 3 then do true dules mine are freedom perf rush are just as good i like the sound of the indian slipons verses the freedom more throaty, deeper sound & they work with freedom , rush & sampson

  42. Congrats..welcome..

  43. The LEDs are nice. I have the extended reach seat and pull back handle bars. Gives me lots more leg room. Flair windshield. Back rest is good, had one on my regular seat. You don’t really need it for extended reach seat, and it won’t fit a back rest yet. Get a cup holder too. Enjoy the ride

  44. IMHO. Rush exhaust sounds Awesome. Do the Lloydz cams, either will be better than the Indian ones. PVCX for tune. Dealers choice for Air Cleaner. The LEDs are not very good. Sylvania ZXE H4 bulbs in stock housing is far better. More registered lumens at distance, and better side lobe. ZXE H8s for the fog lamps, to match. The backrest is a must for me. Also, swapped the seat for an Ultimate Seat. Best seat Ever!

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