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Just picked up my Chief Vintage. Love it. I’m a bit short so I had lower shocks added. Now I need to find a kick stand assist. My left leg doesn’t easily reach it. Ugh. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Looking forward to connecting with others.

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  1. makes one

  2. Indian has a kickstand I believe it’s called extended reach to bring it back a bit.

  3. Beautiful!!!

  4. Reduced reach kickstand. Makes a world of difference for those of us vertically challenged!

  5. I feel your pain. My foot barely reaches it to put it up. But to put it down, I just flick it with my toes

  6. It’s an Indian reduced reach kickstand and I love mine.

  7. Beautiful bike.

  8. You can take some out off the seat to lower you

  9. Reduced reach seat, controls and bars

  10. I have the reduced reach kickstand too it is awesome \nI had to install before I rode it\nLol

  11. Where do you find the reduced reach stand? I just lowered my RM w vicbagger 1.5\

  12. Hey David. There’s some recommendations I can make for you to help you out. Thanks again for doing business with us 👍🏻 Congratulations!

  13. Awesome colour

  14. Indian makes a replacement kickstand with an assist built in. A tad expensive though but nice

  15. Welcome to the Tribe.

  16. Consider getting leg lengthening surgery….

  17. Get a scout?

  18. get a trike. no kickstand!

  19. indian makes a reduced reach kickstand.

  20. Did you consider a Scout?

  21. I did, but want something more. I have another bike that fits the scout size.

  22. These guys are fitting out the bike! Highly recommend them.

  23. Hey nice choice.

  24. I have the reduced reach kickstand from Indian. Works great on my Springfield.

  25. When I first sat on one for the first time in Road one I had the exact problem! But somehow now that I own one both keeping the bike up and moving the kickstand is no longer a problem

  26. Beautiful girl!!!!!!

  27. The heated seat is an inch lower thats what I got so I could reach

  28. has kickstand extension

  29. Welcome to our fast growing group of Indian Chief Vintage owners! Got mine 2 weeks ago this coming Thursday.

  30. Thanks Steven, I proud to be a part of such a great group and proud to ride such an amazing bike.

  31. Indian does make a reduced reach kickstand. A bit pricey, but worth the investment. I have one on my Roadmaster and I absolutely love it.

  32. Thanks. I ordered it yesterday with the reduced reach seat. The 2 should do the trick. Cannot wait to have them installed.

  33. I had the same problem when I first got mine. It’s not a problem now. Got used to it.

  34. Come join us for a Skyline Ride!

  35. I’m 5’4. To set my bike up for me:\nLowering link \nCorbin reduced reach seat\nKlock weeks prairie bars\nReduced reach kick stand \n\nNow I had no issues riding it stock. It was more for comfort for longer rides. I do ride my husbands Chieftain that has mid rise handle bars. But only around town. I love the way my bike is set up now although others do not. My husband hates my bars, thinks they’re too wide. But for me being 5’4\

  36. Jaime I couldn’t agree with you more. Comfort and safety are key for me. The reach is just a bit long and I imagine a long trip would be more tiring than fun. Your bike looks great and hardly noticeable that you made the changes. I know I’d love it.\n\nSafe travels and for the feedback!

  37. Get a side car and forget what a kickstand is for.

  38. Simple and effective.

  39. That’s a high sissy bar 4 passengers..

  40. I have the Indian Chief and I’m also vertically challenged. I ordered a stand extension from Aeromach I think it was called and it worked perfectly

  41. very nice looking, love the chief vintage. enjoy your ride.

  42. Congratulations and many safe miles!!!

  43. less expensive and significantly easier to install than the entire kickstand:

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