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Hey everybody. Had a question on fuel. If I only can only get 87 octane and only add half a tank until I can get 93 or higher, then add another half tank, what type of octane do I end up with? Also, is this a good idea to do regularly? I don’t want to anything that void my warranty. Thanks!!

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  1. You’re going to get a lot of varied answers. But using 87 on occasion is fine. As long as you’re not getting detonation no harm. And the computer will help compensate if it senses any knocking. Just go back to the good stuff when you can.

  2. Sure thing. A lot of places in rural missouri only have 87 so you have no choice. I’ve never had a single ping or knock.

  3. Cleghorn Joe, how could you hear over all of the clacking?

  4. No clacker here.

  5. Cleghorn Joe , that’s because you can’t hear it over the knocking and pinging. Lol

  6. Depends on if it’s ethanol or non-ethanol

  7. Depends if you are running winter air or summer air in your tires hough

  8. Here’s what Indian says:


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