I’m very interested in buying a exc 450


I’m very interested in buying a exc 450, now I want to ride up and down to London on it for a few weeks, is it worth getting road tyres and a different gear ratio just for the road, when it over I’ll use it as an enduro. any pointers please lads?

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  1. I follow I want the 350 excf

  2. I think I may of looked at the wrong bike, exc is a motocross bike, what model is the enduro one?

  3. I guest \nSx is dirt Exc enduro

  4. EXC is the Enduro model. After ’07 it’s 50 state legal(in the USA) Euro models may be different. There’s also a 690 and 990.

  5. I could maybe answer 1 parts of your question
    On my drz i burn down a set of kenda millville 2 in about 900 km on the road
    So i get shinko 804/805 and i do 80 km to commute everyday i done about 2000km whit them and they still look new
    Good grip on road and off road they are great vs dirt tire but much better that kenda 270
    They dont like sand and high speed / rain

  6. Cheap fix is a bigger sprocket on front for higher top speed and lower rpm

  7. Exc is enduro model, States have two models, EXC STREET legal and XCW non street enduro

  8. 450 or 500 what’s the difference apart from the obvious guys

  9. Not enough to notice. Have ridden both. 450,530, and 500 here. All ride about the same.

  10. I’d say the 500 is a bit smoother and the 450 revs quicker. Similar though.

  11. Loving my street wheel set up: Pirelli MT-90 A/T’s on cush drive hub, EBC rotors. Use of a Rekluse EXP 3.0 permits taller gearing when trail riding 14/51 off road and 14/48 for dual sporting.

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