I’m so close to buying a TNT 125 on finance


Hey guys, I’m looking for some information, if you all could help me.

I’m so close to buying a TNT 125 on finance, but I’d just like to know a bit more about thee bike before I take the plunge.

1) It’s a small bike with a tiny rear, so can you get a bracket to allow panniers or a top box to fit to it?

2) Obviously, it’s a 125 so I don’t expect warp speed, but what’s the top speed of this bike on a bypass, for instance? If it reaches 70 comfortably, then great.

3) Petrol consumption. In my Lexmoto ZSX-R, £10 of petrol will last me a week or more riding 5 days a week. How is this in comparison?

4) Servicing and maintenance. Are parts easily sourced, and are they fairly cheap to service?

5) Modifications. I’ve heard the bike is only just gaining fair popularity in the UK, but are there a few modifications around to add to the bike, namely cosmetic stuff?

I think that’s enough for know, but I’ll pick your brains if I think of more. Thank you so much for any help you can give!

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  1. There seems to be brake pads for them on eBay but they are incorrect. A few have bought them on here and sent them back. The guys at the dealership I use (Bolton) rave about these, mechanics too, so that proves it's decent. They aren't short of parts to repair/service these. Perhaps give them a call but to be honest I wouldn't be concerned. When you are ready for new pads, filter, etc it'll be no issue whatsoever.

  2. Hi there Callum! 1. There are no brackets available yet but it would be fairly easy to fabricate something and there are loads of fixings that you could use/share at the rear. 2. Claims of speed vary wildly on here. Mine realistically tops out between 64/65 and it strains itself to do it. Cruising speed for me is about 58. Im hoping it will loosen up but who knows. One things for sure it's no rocket ship.
    3. Not sure about fuel. I've done about 180 miles on mine so far and it's cost me a tenner. (About £5 to fill it)
    4. Through this site (special thanks to the likes of Chris and Des etc) we are able to source the essentials like oil filters, plugs and caps. I've not heard of anyone buying or sourcing an air filter yet or brake pads. I did email Moto GB the importers regarding this but heard nothing back. This is something that concerns me as one or two people on here have had some issues with their machines.
    5. Moto GB/Benelli have produced a shed load of mods but they have not arrived in the UK yet. These small frame bikes are becoming increasingly popular so mods are certainly something you won't have to worry about in 6mths time.

    Tyres – if you do buy one, make sure you negotiate a set of Pirellis or Michelins and sell the stock tyres. I got mine for £80 extra with free fitting in the deal so not too bad.

    As Chris says though, they do seem to be a nicely made bike and they are good fun.

  3. True. The cordial good in dry but are only ok in wet if riding with caution. I'm having Michelin citygrip winter tyres fitted soon.

  4. Stock tyres not grippy in the wet so take the bends steady n don't lean the bike too much, it's not a sports bike. Twitchier in the steering than most bikes because if the small wheels n short wheel base but you will quickly get used it it

  5. Top speed is 73mph on Speedo. It gets to 65 easy but the last few mph it struggles if uphill or strong wind.

    I'm getting 140mpg. Petrol tank holds just over a gallon. So will it last a week? Certainly if you do less than 140miles.

    No problem service n maintenance. Dealer can do everything n anything but also easy enough to maintain yourself. Seem well built and strong too.

    Mods. Few bits available plus some universal parts fit. Some of us have made bits ourselves.

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