I’m researching/shopping for a new trailer


I’m researching/shopping for a new trailer. I’ve narrowed it down to either. Bunkhouse or a aspen. Can anybody share their experiences and pros and cons. I want to see what the differences are between these two.

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  1. I put a Tepui rooftop tent on a Harbor freight trailer.

  2. First off I want to let you know I sell Aspen so I am biased. Second I owned one before I sold them so I do use it also.
    1. I like the poles on the inside for two reasons, easier for one person to setup and take down and the roof is supported not hanging from. No seams on the roof.
    2. The frame is full perimeter with 4 adjustable jack stands.
    3. The fiberglass box has a 2″ lip around the top which prevents the side walls from moving.
    4. A little more storage available in the box.

    Quality wise, I don’t think you can go wrong with either one.

  3. I own a Bunkhouse queen. I looked at both brands new, but used was more to the liking of my budget. I shopped for months on Craigslist, etc for the right deal and it happened to be this Bunkhouse. Had it been an Aspen I would be an Aspen owner. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with either

  4. Looked at many different campers. Found a new (used as the guy bought it and found out he could not camp anymore for health reasons) 2016 Bunkhouse King. It is easy to set up for one person, lots of room inside, more than enough storage space and added the air conditioner shroud. A small 5,000 but on a milk crate works real good in the Florida heat.

  5. Does the aspen have provisions for an air conditioner

  6. Bill I know you mentioned Aspen and Bunkhouse, have you ever thought of a Time Out ? I have one and love it !

  7. We have the Aspen Century with the Queen bed. We love it, it has seversl extras my hubby ordered, but a year ago he decided to go back to work so the Aspen has not been used since 2015, so…..we have a 2012 Aspen Sentury foir sale in excelant condition. Asking, $2,200. obo for it. Dirty from sitting in driveway this summer is all that is wrong with it. PM any questions or interested. Can be seen or [picked up in Walnut, Illinois.

  8. Aspen Classic
    King-size bed
    Poles inside so you can hang stuff
    Bigger windows
    Deeper storage

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