I’m planning to visit Ukraine from Slovakia


Hey…I have a small question..I’m planning to visit Ukraine from Slovakia…and the Green card issue in Malta is a big headache…so I read some articles that say I can buy the insurance from the border “like I do normally” but for Ukraine they say i need a translator. Did anyone pass the border and buy the insurance from the border??? I have European number plates. Thanks for you time 🙂 or anyone can tell me from where I can buy greencard on line??

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  1. Panayiotis Demetriades, Lior Lifshitz,Dom Arkham Jay any ideas? 🙂

  2. The green card visa or insurance for the motorcycle?

  3. Insurance for motorcycle..I don’t need visa for me 🙂

  4. Hi Maria/Jason ,I don’t have European license plate so I am not sure it’s relevant to you. I did my green card here: http://greencard.mototouring.com , great service , make sure they send you the original one since sometimes they wanted to see the original in the border. In Ukraine they were the most strict ones (maybe they wanted some cash) and also asked to see my original bike papers even though they don’t understand the writing, and they didn’t let me in in one border check so I had to find another way to go in. Also beware there , the police stops you a lot and try to get some Bakshis (cash)

  5. If You’re an owner of a bike You can buy a green card at the border shop like everywhere. All You need is a bike document with You. If the bike is registered for the company – then You need a translation.

  6. So it’s normal like other borders ..just buy the insurance from the border. ..and with English I can manage something? ? 🙂

  7. Try to obtain a green card at homeplace even if it’s a headache. If not – oficially You need one every time You cross new border. In Balkans for instance You would need to buy it at every border crossing becouse “border green card” is valid only in the country You’re crossing.

  8. In Balkans I was oki with my insurance because of eu shengen … I just want it for bosnia and macedonia… and I wish to make the greencard because if I make it, I don’t need to pay again to come back home, if I pass through bosnia 🙂 … I will check again with the insurance company’s… last year even for the driving permit I have a hassle to get from the Transport Ministry :/ :/ hehe crazy island 😛 I was explaining to them what is it driving permit hehe

  9. Mm im in UK my insurance covers me for entire UL and Eu upto and including west of the Urals. I asked my insurance company about green card got told no longer requiered this could be because UK is with in the EU

  10. Even though You’re in EU Your insurance is invalid without green card. It’s a relic of the past but for most ex-Yugoslav countries it is still a valid document that You’re in fact insured. Don’t have it? They don’t give a sh… and You need to buy one on every crossing. In Kosovo, more soever, green card is totally invalid and You need to buy another one “local insurance” for the vehicle. Welcome to the Balkans!

  11. Ukraine is not part of EU.

  12. That’s why he needs to buy “additinal” insurance when entering UKR. He can do it when on border crossing. It’s like 15€ or so.

  13. Oh Ukraine…many Policia. 🙁

  14. Just ignore them… They won’t chase You 😀

  15. Jason Throttle, are you sure that the one from Transport Malta is not good, it was about 33 euros and in all languages, then your insurance company will do the rest at a cost.

  16. it is funny, I am from Czech and my green car is valid for UA and Eerope part of Russia. Wondering, if your is not.

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