I’m looking to build a basket-case heritage


Hey guys question out there I’m looking to build a basket-case heritage im not very good with bikes don’t know whole lot about them I own a 03 Heritage Softail Classic I’m a fan of the Softails I’m sorry let me rephrase I done the devil’s deed and I’m Leasing my bike it just seems more feasible to me to be able to completely customize a bike from a dead off build what would be a good price in the looking for a decent basket case cuz I love my bike to death but everytime I look at it it feels like I got a pendulum swinging over me rather just be building it why it’s sitting in the winter don’t get me wrong I’ve been riding bikes a long time but I feel it’s time to start working on my own bikes I’ve been collecting tools and learning I’m kind of a self learner do a lot of YouTube but when it comes to finding certain things it gets complicated I want to slowly build something and I really believe that I could have a bill before I can have this paid off if anybody can give me any pointers or tips to Lead Me in the correct direction of where I should be looking normal Harley fan I love the V-Twin it feels great riding down the road I’ve written a couple in the fat boy want to be against building a fat boy but I’m a real big fan of the Heritage would like to find parts so on and so forth I know I sound like a newbie but that would be because I am a newbie at building bikes but I’ve been riding since I was a teenager just time to learn to do it for myself these sites are great places to get information from my knowledge it works better than YouTube

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  1. Aaron, we all started somewhere. My first Harley was a 73 iron head sportster basket case. I spent a lot more time working on it and learning than I did riding it. But i still miss that bike. Get a shop manual to match the bike and go for it. You tube is great for this type of stuff also.

  2. Good luck and make sure you don’t get robbed on the basket case.

  3. Yeah and I’ve been doing a little research I’ve been riding my Heritage for about a year and I like it a lot and I think I just want to build one myself think I’d like to have the 114 motor but I’m not too picky I just want something I can be proud of and say is mine and maybe cost a little bit less than what I’m paying now I’m not afraid to get dirty I’m still going to keep paying the bike I have off it just feels like a deal with the devil anytime you’re making payments on something my dad died last year and he was big in the bikes and the Heritage was his favorite so it’s kind of like in the stall to thing for me a little bit that’s why I went and got the blue one that I have now

  4. I’m still stuck on the leasing an ’03 Heritage. Really? They’re leasing ’03 models still?

  5. Yeah and I’m the dumbass who went for it

  6. Harley hooked me up with some One Main Financial and technically I’m not leasing I took a loan but either way or I’m making a payment on a 2003 and it only had 20 thousand miles on it

  7. I got an ’05 with 3K miles, from a friend. Sorry to hear that. I hate sales finance managers even worse than car/bike salesmen. Best of luck.

  8. Get blue paid off quick then go for the builder, the timing of research and planning and doing double pizza delivery, uber, and side hacks to pay it off quick will all time out. The title will be yours, the weather will be prime and you’ll have cash to start the build. Debt is slavery, but blue is worrth having, its an 03!

  9. Yeah I agree that’s why I was willing to do this I really do like this bike but man it gets tight sometimes

  10. I mean it’s a Harley and we all know that after we ride these things I got to be worked on after a while and I get the best ride to work ratio with this Heritage of any bike that I’ve gotten so far like I think I need to do the cam chain tensioners so I’m just going to go ahead and do the whole cams what I can afford it but I hate to pay to fix a bike that I’m paying still putting legal in my name

  11. I got my 2010 with just over 5300 miles on it from a Harley dealership.

  12. How much was the payment on a 2003?

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