If it matters what coolant I use in it?


Another question for y’all. I am currently draining and flushing the coolant system. Just wondering if it matters what coolant I use in it after I get all this shitty green stuff out? I work at a ford dealership so the motorcraft orange is plentiful and easy to come by. Lol.

If it matters what coolant I use in it?

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  1. I’m not sure but I think this was discussed… has something to do with metals. I used Prestone 50/50

  2. That will be fine, especially if you drained the system

  3. I’m draining it and running water through it and running it with water in it. Gonna keep going until it runs out clear. Lol. Then I will put the coolant in.

  4. I been running orange in my cf Moto and can am for years I haven’t had any problems I work at a dealership to

  5. I replaced mine with Honda coolant in my Cforce 800xc

  6. Be careful guys some cars coolant has silicate (micro crystals) that helps to clean but kills the water pump shaft seal on your machine you guys needs a motorcycle grade or any coolant with out silicate.
    I’m using peak antifreeze easy to find u0040 o’Reilly auto parts no problems all all

  7. I have run engine ice in all my race quads with very good results
    But I’m going to try Evans coolant in the z

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