If I buy tire warmers can I ride in the snow ?


Hello guys, I hope you all good. I have question. If I buy tire warmers can I ride in the snow ? Thank you all.

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  1. Absolutely

  2. Only if they’re dual temp. Try to put them on the warmers the night prior so it starts to heat soak the rim by the time you need to ride. Also, if it’s going to be slushy, be absolutely sure you’re on the higher temperature.

  3. I know this is a joke, but I’ve got an old set of tires that are going to be studded and I’m going to ride on the ice this winter

  4. Only if you keep the warmers on when riding

  5. I thought you used tire coolers for the winter?

  6. Yea, keep them on while you ride, melts the snow = more grip

  7. My tire warmers work great! I highly recommend you clean the contacts on yours after each ride to ensure there’s no corrosion from the salt and it’ll give them a more even heat flow.

  8. Make sure you use knobbie tires with them!

  9. Of course…….

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