Ideal Riding Temperature for 2003 CBR600RR


Ideal riding temp for 2003 600rr? Just bought one and it seems to get hot quick… any help is appreciated.

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  1. 180 while cruising, fan kicks on at 220

  2. 168-185 depending on outside temp and speed. Fan comes on at 220, however I suggest a manual switch to get it to kick on when you want, you can kick it on at 205 and stay low.

  3. Depends. My bike like 185-190. Sitting at a light tho she gets to 220 often, but fan kicks on and then light turns green it goes back down.

  4. When normal riding mine stays around 174-178.

  5. Thanks for the advice and tips. Installing a manual switch seems to be the way to go, several people have recommended it.

  6. 77-87 c° when riding; 103c° fan kicks in traffic. Max.
    Try changing 100% coolant.

  7. I’m running 178 consistently I use engine ice.

  8. My thermostat opens at 177 an as long as I’m riding it usually stays right around 177-185. Fan kicks on at 220 at a long redlight in the summer temp may rise close to 230 but never over. If it goes over shut it off.

  9. I run BOTH my fans on individual push button switches. outside temp of 103 degrees sitting in traffic temp gauge reads 172 degrees.

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