I want to inspect/grease/replace my linkage bearings


Ok, you guys made it all sound so simple. So this must be a total noob question. I want to inspect/grease/replace my linkage bearings. I've got the linkage out, how do I safely get the bearings out, and back in. 20 years ago I would have just attacked it with a screwdriver and a hammer. Trying to grow up here.

I want to inspect/grease/replace my linkage bearings

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  1. You don’t need to remove the actual bearings to inspect them. The inserts will just slide out. I usually stick my little finger in them to pull.

  2. If there is no play just pop the collars off and pack grease in, don’t remove unless replacing.

  3. Is it possible to put grease fitting on all three bearing sets?

    ‘I know guy’ with tools…

  4. No. You could put one on the dog-bone, but at that point why bother. Just use good water proof grease and when you do the top end, re-grease the linkage.

  5. I use a small acid brush with grease and brush it in. Do not use excessive force. You could pull the needle bearings out. That’s after getting the inserts off.

  6. This group is awesome, thanks fellas. I’ve got it apart, one bushing was pretty stuck, and the needles had clearly gotten wet, and were stuck. I was able to free them up by greasing them, and turning with the bushing. Attached is a photo of the cleaned bushing, and it’s wear marks – replace the bearing, and the bushing?

  7. Yes and the bearings too I’m afraid. You will need a press to do it properly. Your local automotive machine shop can probably help you out on a slow day, or you can buy a small arbor press from Harbor Freight for around $60.

  8. You can easily re0lace the bearings without a press just tap out the old ones with a drift from the opposite side. Then use some threaded bar and a couple of nuts with big washers to put the new ones in

  9. Note that the rollers are not "captured" on the longest bearing in the "knuckle" and on the bearing in the connecting link. Easy to lose a roller if you are not careful greasing or decide to wash all the old grease out.

  10. You will need to do this type of service on all your bearings. I recommend buying the ‘right tools’ like a bearing puller and small press. Also, when reinstalling new bearings, I put a very light coat of anti seize around the bearing. It really helps the next removal.

  11. After ruining lots of parts with my previously mentioned "hammer and screwdriver" technique, I’m a big fan of the right tool for the job. Are these the right kind of pullers and press? https://www.harborfreight.com/Three-Jaw-Puller-Set-4-Pc-69104.html


  12. You don’t need the puller. You just press them out. There is not a "correct" direction for them to move i.e. they will go in or out either side.

    I usually use a 1/2 drive impact socket as spacer to press with. You get multiple diameters to choose from so pick the one closest to the bore size that won’t get stuck. That same thing technique will work for the receiving side if the hole in the middle of the press plate isn’t big enough around. Make sure to choose a socket that has flat faces.

    They aren’t in there that tight so it doesn’t take a lot of force to move them. Also consider that Motion Pro tool I suggested, it is designed for that job and costs half as much.

    With it all you need are wrenches. Rocky Mountain has it and they are FAST with shipping, order today and you will have it Thursday.


  13. Thanks Ron, for the joint that has two bearings, do I push them both through from the same side?

  14. When you put it back, press the first one almost into position, then use the second bearing to nudge it into the right spot. Absolute precision isn’t necessary. Just make sure you have enough room on both sides for the seal to fully seat.

  15. Are the rollers fixed in the bearing in some way? Is the bearing broken if the rollers come out when you regrease or can you just clean, put back and regrease?

  16. See a few comments above.

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