I’ve got a 17 F3-S


Thinking of swapping out my rims. I've got a 17 F3-S with about 100 miles on the rims. Can anyone give me an idea on what my 2 front rims (no tires) are worth? Thank you in advance.

 I've got a 17 F3-S

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  1. Best to put pictures of them on here as well.

  2. I’m not a harly guy. What feels best to you. One thing is to make sure you have a good dealer. We went from 2 wheels to the spyder and we are riding a lot more. We love it. Very comfortable.

  3. Can you post a picture of them?

  4. Would they fit a 2013 RT-L? Which wheels do you have?

  5. They’re worth whatever someone is willing to pay you for them.

  6. If noone has an F3 for them, they won’t want them. The rims on an RT/L are better, so there’s that… Maybe set them aside and you’ll change your mind again later and want to put them back on.

  7. To answer your actual question… If I wanted to sell them… I would ask roughly 40u0025 of the price of what you want to replace them with. Then expect to get 30-35u0025.

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