I rode county roads only and average speed was 50


Yesterday I rode county roads only and average speed was 50. I had a 60 mile one way ride to my parents ranch. I carried 2 750 ml bottles of fuel in my back pack. At 44 miles I ran out of fuel so I added my two bottles instead of switching to reserve. I either need a larger fuel tank or stronger muscles to carry more fuel due my gas guzzler!! But damn I love my new bike!!! Any tips are appreciated! My father topped my bike off and filled my two bottles to get me home.

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  1. Make sure your float isn’t too high. Adjusting mine made a 30u0025 mileage improvement

  2. What sort of speeds were you going?
    I get way, way better mileage than that- I do have a slightly larger tank. The IMS is the only one I’ve seen, I got it mostly due to translucent so I can see how much fuel I have left (I also put amount left markings).
    But I recently did 100 miles and used 10 litres, enough so I didn’t even go on reserve on the IMS tank (but if I went any further at all it should have gone to reserve).
    But mixed road/trails- usual road speed was around 45mph.

  3. As mentioned above, carburetor float height often needs adjustment from factory position for these bikes. Carb jetting should also be verified to right for your elevation and climate (whatever that might be.) I run a different carb (Lectron) but otherwise the same engine and am quite a bit heavier than you with all my gear and chainsaw etc. I’ve ridden as far as 80 miles of mixed mountain single-track and forest roads without hitting reserve fuel level. I seldom even look into the tank to check fuel level on rides less than 60 miles.

    Also worth mentioning that the only larger capacity aftermarket fuel tank available for the Xtrainer only adds 0.7 gallons extra capacity for $289 cost. That’s a pretty expensive contingency plan, but perhaps priceless if you need the extra fuel range.

  4. After some adjustments, I get about 55 miles before I have to go to reserve. But that is single track and if you were going that fast your mileage my not be as good. This is what I use for longer rides.

  5. Solution !

  6. What is jetting at now, and what altitude? Without question the float height needs to be addressed. Wife’s XT can get to 70 miles before reserve with light throttle riding. However mid throttle for that period of time/miles you’re eating more go juice.

  7. Larger capacity tank by IMS. Im 70 miles easy now

  8. I set the float level down and looped the vent hose, it majorly helped my fuel consumption.

  9. Very Cool! Be on the lookout for a Arai dual sport helmet! They are the best!

  10. I second that. Helmet is a must! Especially at those speeds

  11. Setting float and switching to Suzuki NECJ gave me a huge boost in mileage. At our local spot I’d hit reserve in a half day, now I haven’t hit reserve yet–haven’t been on a long dual sport ride since changes, but I feel pretty confident that for most rides I won’t need to carry extra fuel anymore.

  12. Hmmm… how big is the tank in the new 2020? Mine is a 2017 & I got the desert tank, which isn’t that much bigger. I have done the White Rim as well as several other rides upwards of 70+ miles, carry fuel, but am able to not switch to reserve until almost being back at camp

  13. BTW, My 2018 has stock jetting etc. I’ve never even opened the carb up. Stock airbox, OI. Runs really well and get economy.

  14. Theres plenty of youtube videos about jetting also. Thats where I learned, I like to know whats being done to my bike. I run JD Jet Kit with IMS 2.9 tank. Road and single track, never came close to empty. I’m guessing I can get 70 miles easy.

  15. If you are running stk gearing the bike is really reving ! My friend and i both went to the Euro model gearing and it is so much better, and 1st is still good enough for the low end. 15/ 42 works great , but you will need to drop the chain length . Buy a spare master link so you can always go back if you want. I was getting 40 MPG.

  16. Smart carb!

  17. 2016 xt …last ride I did I emptied main tank at 108kms … Rolled onto the gas Stn as it died but I would have approx 21 more kms on reserve …. So something is def not right … I never had to adjust my float but I did do JD jet kit …. 300RR gnarly pipe and opened airbox …

  18. I only hit reserve once on a rented 2016 XT at grizzbait 2018. It was a 6-7 hour ride up to 7000′ up into the alpine and down through a swamp. My 2018 has never come close…

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