I recently purchased a Mini Mate


I recently purchased a Mini Mate. Haven't pulled it yet. Someone suggested that I spray sealant in the tires. Opinions?at clamps to your frame,but it is mated to their trailer only,does anyone know of another frame mounted(clamped) hitch for your bike?

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  1. ….. just carry a can with you in the event of a puncture.

  2. I use Dynabeads in my motorcycle tires. Love them.

  3. Please let us know about how you like the mini mate after camping with it. I have been looking at those also

  4. The various spray in sealants are ok for a field expedient repair but they make a mess inside the tire and wheel. Most repair shops will charge you extra to change or repair a wheel it has been used in. I know what a mess it makes from using it myself. I also have a MiniMate. The chances of having a flat on your trailer is very low because of it’s weight. I would worry more about the tires on your "tug" vehical.

  5. I AGREE Ron Prater

  6. Fix a flat and some others will melt the rubber inside the tire and ruin them. Use as a last resort

  7. This is my unit I have never used anything in 3 years

  8. I wouldn’t put sealer in the tires but I would give the tent canvas a good water treatment.

  9. I carry a spare and also have the Stop n Go plug kit and their mini compressor that I carry.These are the only plugs I trust.

  10. Bought a new mini mate last season pulled it 6500 miles right out of the gate. No problems at all. Dealer said to run about 42 psi. Tires look great yet looking fireard to next season allready

  11. I had my trailer come unhooked someone opened at the store and i didnt check anyway the chains where on and i was glad because my trailer didnt run away and get smashed up. Having said that i was goin about 50km/h but i can see it causeing big problums at hwy speeds

  12. And now i pad lock the trailer to the bike insted of a pin

  13. Mine is locked too and i always check the hitch pin too along the wat

  14. I also suggest getting a pair of bearing greeser dust caps. And keep thr bearings greesed

  15. I don’t pull trailers but I use Ride On as a tire sealant and works perfect. Hope that works for you too. Amazon link Ride-On Motorcycle Tire Sealant-3 bottles https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GA9XJ9Y/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_EEcDwbB1VHAK3

  16. I know what your saying larry but if your dump comes off its gonna bash up your truck not your body and a trailer behind a bike only weighs 350lbs and most time fiberglass and yes it could still do damage but could kill the rider if happened on the hwy

  17. I would not recommend it, if you can’t carry a spare, most motorcycle tire repair kits will work, might want to purchase a small 12v compressor.

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