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I need some advice please. I own a Aspen camper. I’m having issues with lifting it to level it. It’s due to the fact I have a bad hand and need surgery. I currently have the stock jacks that came on the camper but was looking into the ones that have a rod that you can use as a jack. I’m attaching a photo of what I’m looking for.

A. Can anyone recommend a brand.

B. Can these be attached using the current location of my current jacks?

C. I’m willing to pay, does Aspen or one of their sellers install aftermarket jacks?

Any information would be useful.



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  1. Etrailer.com

  2. I have an Aspen Classic and have jacks on mine as you have pictured there. If you don’t have those on your Aspen. I have found them on Ebay cheaper than what Trailmaster offers them for. Good luck.

  3. Buy a tongue jack with a wheel and crank mechanism, then you can raise nose hi as needed once rear is set

  4. On my cargo trailer I used two tongue Jacks welded to an L plate that’s bolted to the trailer frame. It allows an easy lift and as I use my trailer for tool storage I replace the crank handle with and adaptor for a cordless drill.

  5. Mark, send me a picture of your jack. I just looked at my show trailer and it has the jacks that you can use a rod to adjust them. Unless the factory changed them, and I don’t think they did you already have what you want. I use an extension for a 3/8 socket set.

  6. Trailer Parts Superstore has them on line.

  7. These are what’s on my Bunkhouse.

  8. I pull my camper up on a 2×6. Usually the jacks swing and clear. Thats the issue I was having. Now to find and solve another.

  9. Mark, I have a 2001 Aspen and it came with those. Should be a hole I the front to insert a steel rod. Then you just step on it to raise. Check it out, send a picture if it is different. Good luck

  10. Mine is the newest 2016 model so it has different jacks. I’m trying to find out if I can change them out.

  11. I have them on my camper trailer, love them.

  12. I just need to find someone to install them for me. My hand is too messed up to do that type of work.

  13. Just carry a small hydraulic bottle jack with you. Problem solved.

  14. Yours will Jack up with a rod you just need the rod.i use an old fire poker

  15. Mark, I’m in Bay City, WI. Not real far away.

  16. I’m in Alabama about 90 miles south of Chatanooga Tennessee if I can be of help.

  17. John John Grabrick is closer if the rod doesn’t work and I really want to thank everyone you guys are great!!!

  18. I promise you it will, I use one on both my campers the bunkhouse and the Aspen.

  19. The folks on this site and Aspen have been wonderful. I’m glad I bought my Aspen and found this group. When I ask a question I take no one or nothing for granted. Plan A is to try the 8.00 rod if that don’t work then there is plan B. Thanks for the rod idea that may be my ticket. I love camping and I love my camper. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  20. I have an 18 inch rod. Takes less force.

  21. With these ,you don’t Ned to carry a jack because they will lift it in the event you need to?

  22. UPDATE: I took Peggy’s advice as well as others. I ordered the Jack rod, a little awkward on first attempt again due to my own ignorance but it does work! I’m so excited!!! I no longer need to depend on the strength of my arms!!! Leaving in a week to go visit Arkansas so we get to try out all the new toys! Thanks again for everyone’s help it a life saver!!!!

  23. these are the tabs I was talking about… pic from the net – if it’s your camper – thanks for the idea

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