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I was pretty sold on picking up a Honda Rincon, but while at the dealer I noticed 2020 CForce 800. Rode ATVs a bit growing up, but this would be my first time buying. What did you pay for yours? Lay down the good, bad, and ugly for me. Appreciate it in advance!!

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  1. I cant speak for the 800 i bought the 600 check out real talk Powersports, ive been very happy with mine so far and i got a 6yr warranty

  2. I got a 500 second hand with 67 miles for 5000 and msrp was 6500

  3. Camo 2020 800xc 8400 before warranty and tax

  4. I paid close to 9k for mine. Worth it man. I used to ride Yamahas and bruteforces. This thing takes the cake. Won’t regret it.

  5. About 9k for my 800xc as well. Love the beast.

  6. I got left over 19 800 for 8300 out the door love it

  7. I have 800xc and have absolutely no regrets. But do half to say they axels, wheel bearings, and ball joint all went out before 300 miles. But still such an amazing machine still have no regrets. Paid 8k cash for mine

  8. 9200 plus tax with 6yr warranty and plow, no regerts

  9. rincons are tanks but the cams are shit. not totally sure bout the cfmotos because i havent had mine long but its been tough so far.. ive had them both

  10. Power to price ration the rincon just doesn’t stack up plus the 3 gear stuff makes it kind of weak on the low end in my opinion

  11. Just got the 600 paid 7k with a 5 year warranty only put 50 miles on it so far but man is it fun all my friends are jealous of all the options this comes with

  12. Paid 7k for my 800

  13. 2019-600 got for 6700with 5year warranty in wi.

  14. Get the Honda

  15. For those of you whose response indicates you’re ‘not in the CFMOTO Camp’….why you still a member on here? No…really, I’m curious to know?

  16. I have a z800. Rode quads my whole childhood (Suzuki Honda Kawasaki Yamaha) other then a few things that broke due to my own doing,they’re good machines for the money. Honestly they’re mass produced and you will run into issues here and there but no different then any other manufacturer

  17. I have the cforce 800. Love it. Had a Honda before as well. Anyone who thinks cfmoto reliability is anywhere close to Honda is delusional. The vtwin has much more power though. I’m not bashing cfmoto I’m just being realistic.

  18. Bought the 600 6500 dollars out the door great deal

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