I’m trying to fit a bearing into a disk without a press.


This isnt a bike specific question but theory is probably the same. And theres alot of mechanics on this page so here goes…

Im trying to fit a bearing into a disk without a press. I have a socket that fits nicely on the outer and a big hammer. I am going to freeze the bearing overnight to contract it make it as small as poss. I thought about heating the disk in the oven but wouldnt heating it expand the metal, therefore actually making the hole smaller? Or is it better to heat the disk with a blow torch in a certain area? Admin delete if not allowed but ive added a pic of my r1 just incase ­čÖé

I'm trying to fit a bearing into a disk without a press.

I'm trying to fit a bearing into a disk without a press.

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  1. Big hammer and socket be grand

  2. You can prob get it pressed in somewhere for cheap ive seen ppl mess up the bearing with the hammer and socket

  3. disk in the oven, bearing in the freezer, should go in piss easy

  4. Best get it pressed in
    If not a press
    Then a vice

  5. I need it done tommorow and i cant get to a press. I did try my vice but its not deep enough. Im more intesreded in the disk in the oven. Metal expands. Surely that expands inwards aswell as outwards?

  6. And what about a bit of oil? Not sure if that will help or hinder

  7. I’ve done it with socket and hammer. Ear plugs essential!

  8. Nope. Put the disk in the oven. It will work. Only bang on the outer race of the bearing. If you hit the inner race it may damage the rollers.

  9. disk in the oven, bearing in the freezer. thank me

  10. Ive dome that to wheel barings just froze the baring and heated the rim with a torch it dam near fell in

  11. Thanks for replies. Just wondered why metal doesnt expnd in thats all like my professional sketch above

  12. It’ll expand the bore of the disc. As the material increases in size, so too does the circumference of the bearing housing.

  13. Freeze bearing. And use a vise. Or bring to a shop.. some bearings I had to put almost 5tons to get in

  14. I certainly wouldn’t use a blowtorch, you run the risk of irregular heating and warping the disc. Oven or nothing.

  15. Ok cheers i will oven the disk tomorrow. 180degrees?

  16. Jesus didn’t think I would get a science lesson on here but good stuff:)

  17. For what it’s worth, don’t use the oven in your house. If that disc has any fumes come off of it while heating it will stay in your oven and then next time you cook food in there it will absorb some into that and you’ll be sick as hell

  18. you can use a torch to heat the area up or use the oven. just keep it at 350 and below. i install bearings and plugs at work using this method. i use nitrogen though which is slightly colder but freezer will help a little bit

  19. Make sure u add a little grease In case it doesn’t you can tap it the rest of the way in

  20. That looks like a rear disc for a small Peugeot / citroen. Any local garage would be able to fit that for you properly for u00a310- 20(without you damaging bearing)
    If I’m right with what car, you should be a able to buy the disc with bearing already fitted cheaper than in parts.(check with supplier)

  21. Recipe for bearing install

    Prep time 10 mins
    Cook time 10-15 mins
    Total time 20-25 mins

    Safety glasses

    Day 1
    Start by placing bearing in the freezer the night before.

    Day 2
    Pre heat oven to 350u00b0

    Take disk and give it a gentle wipe down to ensure its clean and free of any oil that could catch fire.

    Place the disk on middle rack for for 10-15mins.

    Once done take your heated disk & frozen bearing to a hard surface with out any rest time.

    Carefully line up the bearing to the hole. While holding the socket over the bearing hitting it with the hammer.

  22. I wouldn’t hammer any bearings in. You’ll damage it.

    It just need ls pressing in. 10 mins work

  23. Freeze the bearing and heat the disk.

  24. Or get something like this, i work from home and had to do enough wheel bearings that i bought the fwd bearing press. Right under 100 from harbor freight with a coupon. Time consuming but gets it done right

  25. Dropped right in no hammering needed. Cheers boys

  26. threaded rod your socket a flat thick plate with a hole in it slightly arger than the threaded rod and 2 nuts. or a vice and you socket.

  27. No need Phil Moorcroft. It dropped in.

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