I’m thinking like a lightweight shift linkage


Merry Christmas to my bike family! I'd like to do a mini raffle I'm Christmas spirit! I'm thinking like a lightweight shift linkage. So if you're interested just like this post and comment the length you'd need!! Bike: R1

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  1. Divided by 25.4. Simple lmao

  2. 69 inches

  3. 4c8 with dynojet Quickshifter and a reservoir delete kit please

  4. whats the stock length?

  5. I believe its 108mm for 2015 R1 and Merry Christmas Nick!

  6. 09 r1 with a dano’s! Not sure for measurement. Not around the bike at the moment.

  7. 2008 r1 doubt I win this fb

  8. Full race akra for RN19 would be nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Merry Christmas everybody!! Stock 2009 r1

  10. Standard Size for 2004 ! Merry Christmas all!

  11. 2008 4c8 merry Christmas!!

  12. 2015 r1 please

  13. 2012 r1 for quickshifter

  14. Standard size fire a 2012!

  15. 2012 r1 for quickshifter

  16. Merry Christmas Stock 2014

  17. Merry Christmas

  18. Merry Christmas 2014 with push Dynojet

  19. 2009 r1 tuned by yours truly. Merry Christmas to my fellow R1 family may everyone be safe these holidays

  20. Merry Xmas all, If someone could give some advice on turbo charging the 4C8 that would be great as I have all the hardware sitting reddy to go.

  21. 4c8 all the way

  22. Merry Christmas

  23. Keep it coming guys! Someone besides me will be randomly choosing tonight! Linkage will ship out on Monday!!

  24. 12 foot tall shift linkage

  25. Dunno what length Nick Richer but a single rod dano’s qs size!! Lol

  26. Yamaha r1 2009 big bad rev zilla moster. Need to loose some weight!

  27. 02-03 5pw. I can measure the length if I win.

  28. you already know my length…

  29. Stock 2014 R1 ๐Ÿ™‚ No clue what measurement lol! Merry Christmas!

  30. 98 r1 please

  31. You won’t give me one, no balls.

  32. 2011 with dano’s qs

  33. Merry Christmas from the dutch and have save year of flying on the roads

  34. 07r1 merry Christmas

  35. Merry Xmas fella. Very generous of you indeed. Good luck and well done whoever wins.

  36. Merry Christmas! 2014

  37. Ok the winner has been chosen randomly! Jason Clark is the winner!

  38. Maybe just maybe I’ll do a New Years raffle ๐Ÿ˜€

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