I’m looking for a bike GPS


I'm looking for a bike GPS and the only ones I have found so far are two from Garmin and one from Tomtom. Yes I know I could use my cell phone for a GPS, but I don't think it would hold up in the wet, and I use my phone for other things. Anyone have suggestions on which unit works for them?

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  1. I have both the Zumo and a car GPS. I put the car GPS in a plastic baggie if rain is gonna happen.

  2. Zumo came with my bike Vstar 1300 Deluxe.. Works really good

  3. check out zoozmc.com

  4. Zumo550 is on my bars

  5. i really like my tom tom rider, but will admit i am not familiar with the other bike orientated GPS’s, i sticke to tom tom becaude of my experiences with garmin have not been that good

  6. i do not like using my cell phone for longer rides jsut for the fact that if you go out of service it can mess with them and i like to ride in the mountains

  7. Tom tom rider, but that’s in the UK/Europe. Great graphics.

  8. We.use tomtom rider

  9. I use a Garmin works real good

  10. Hi I have Tomtom Rider 2 (out dated now), new one is 410 in uk.
    Garmin is the 2nd best known there are a fewc factors to think of.
    A) on off road
    B) ease of use.
    C) swop routes with mates
    I purchassed a garmin for mrs bike, a car modle from lidl reduced i stuck it in a waterproof gps case and use a marine / motorcycle power socket with usb.
    Both tom tom and garmin have there own plotting sofware but not interchangeable.
    There was a gps test done by Adventure Bike Magazine, look them up the orum have a read if time will digg out.
    Or use http://www.myrouteapp.com on mobile in a waterproof case. my route app is free for basic modle or pay and join extra stuff able to do.
    I use my route app to plot and downoad routes or if just on mob dl route on mobif needed.
    Or http://www.tyretotravel.com pc based plotter can use tom tom garmin and plenty of others again free.
    You can download routss from verious websites most use tyre and tyre will let you use it on 95u0025 of all gps

  11. Zumo 550 works great. iPhone with "youneedamap" app works good if you use a waterproof case. No signal needed. Used cell phone is cheaper than a Zuno.

  12. I just use a regular GARMIN with a RAM mount I carry a ziplock bag and a rubber band for when it rains

  13. Phone in waterproof case. Connected to Bluetooth sena headset. I can read emails get voice directions, send texts, read emails by voice and make and receive phone calls. All without taking my hands off the handlebars. Done via voice control.

  14. I can also connect to other riders using different Bluetooth headsets.

  15. I use a car garmin. I bought a ram mount waterproof case to put the gps in and mount it. Works great and lots cheaper than a hd one.

  16. Andy White I used a Garmin Quest for 6 years in conjunction with MapSource for planning my routes. A friend recently gave me Garmin Zumo 550 which works just as well! The Garmins are waterproof and voice directions can be heard through my CB Radio speakers in my helmet.

  17. Only you can decide for you. You know that old saying about opinions and a**holes…everyone has one. You get the tightwad opinion for the $69 Garmin and a Wal-mart sandwich bag as a raincoat. That one cracks me up. Then, even after you specifically state you don’t want to use your phone, people insist on giving their literal 2 cents worth by advising to use your phone. Garmin Zumo models work well. I have a 550. I’d like to have a new model, but can’t justify it as long as mine keeps working. The motorcycle specific models (Zumo) are superior in quite a few ways, such as being able to see them in the sunlight, being waterproof. Go to garmin.com and compare the differences and prices. Ultimately it will come down to how much money you are willing and able to spend. Yes, phone nav with google maps is easier and often more accurate. I love being able to open google, press the mic and say "navigate to 1234 Oak Street, Orlando", and I’m done. It’s a little more time-consuming with my Zumo, but at least I can see the screen.

  18. Fits a lot of different gps units, numerous mounting options.

  19. I have a ram mount on my handlebars plus a plug for my Samsung smartphone. I use Google maps. Check for alternate routes. Plus like looking at real maps such as Blue Ridge Parkway set of maps. Use Bluetooth headsets. Listen to music as I ride. The GPS interrupts the music to give me directions. I can also take a phone call if need be. Normally reject calls unless emergency or another rider. Following the GPS is great for long distance trips. They do still have road signs. Getting lost is part of the adventure. Right Rock Garick? The road less traveled is what riding is all about. I’d like to thank my buddy Rock for leading me on an adventure or two. Let’s Ride!

  20. Tam Hicks glad to hear you are back in the saddle again! Ride Safe!!!

  21. Built in NAV system on my Harley.

  22. Just got a new tomtom 400! Had a zumo 450 for the past 10 years. A new farming cost $899 the tomtom cost $499! Will see how it works.

  23. my Atlas cost $7.97…lol… I am still old school

  24. I do carry road maps also!

  25. I used a Tom Tom for 3 years that wasn’t waterproof. Yes, I used a zip lock bag to cover it with a rubber band around the bottom to close it off . Get the biggest screen you can no matter what you end up getting! Finally traded bikes 2 years ago and mine has navigation on it now

  26. Garmin inside a Ram mount waterproof box.

  27. my phone on my handlebars…lived thru the monsoons I rode thru Saturday

  28. love my garmin 590

  29. If you check ebay and amazon, you can find Garmin Zumo factory refurbished units from around $300 and up, depending on the model. A real motorcycle unit will provide a much more user-friendly experience, with glove-friendly and glare resistant touch screen, no need for sandwich bags and rubber bands, you can move it from your bike to your car in a few seconds. Once you stick an automotive unit in a waterproof box, how can you use the touch screen?

  30. I have a Garmin for sale with fairing mount. 250.00 PLUS the ride. Has SD card blue tooth . Xm radio if you have any.

  31. garmin works great have one on my bass boat and works great also one in my truck. have not thought of one on the bike use it to get lost. lol.

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