I’m fancying a 2cr


So, recently got back into having a litre bike on the road (4c8) forgot how much fun it is, question is, now I'm fancying a 2cr, are they as good as nearly everyone says? much the same as the earlier bikes? on another level altogether? Need some feedback because don't want to go German..!ssplane r1 put out power wise, I’ve heard as little as 130s ?

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  1. Love my 4c8 to mate but for me the S1000rr is a different gravy than any R1. Go German

  2. Once you’ve decated it and understood the power settings you’ll love it. I’ve got a few mate’s with Bmw’s Aprilia’s and Ducati’s they can’t get away from the 2cr.

  3. Very different to the earlier bikes,even the 14b,once it’s been modded with a map they’re awesome,quite a focused bike tho mind

  4. I swapped from a 4c8 to 2cr and missed the 4c8 for about 5 seconds.only down side for me is they only do 85-90 miles before the lights on

  5. I’m sure it’s a lot better bike…just can’t get over how fugly it is! ud83dude48

  6. Mate don’t listen to anyone, try it. My 17 S1000rr is quicker, sounds better, looks better and handles better than my 16 R1 did. However If I had to choose again I’d buy neither. Get a panigale

  7. Don’t listen to anyone mate.
    Go test ride one
    You won’t be sorry.
    On A and B roads and track days, it left the BMW on its arse.
    But as said test ride and make your own mind up.
    BEST change ever going from the BMW S1000RR Sport, to the Yamaha.
    The noise is addicted and so much more involved.
    BMW is boring is comparison.

  8. Cr totally different advise a ride before you buy 4c8 drves like all fours cr ? But handles fab

  9. One word awesome. Easiest bike i have ever ridden and very easy to go fast on track, the electronics are amazing. Only gripe is the brakes which are shite. Get one, you wont regret it.

  10. I would definitely test ride one first, that engine will blow you away! Although everyone I know that has had one wished they had bought a 1299 Panigale instead…

  11. Panigale all the way! The outright torque is just so addictive.

  12. I have even been touring around Spain on mine twice! 3.5k miles in toatal.

  13. If your in to track days, the R1 is the weapon of choice for so many people, BMW is faultless,people sell them because they’re boring.

  14. I’ve relegated my 2CR to track duties and ride an MT-10 on the road. I love the 2CR, but on the road I find it quite frustrating unless you ignore speed limits, traffic and ‘all reason’. Love it on the track though, as others have said, it’s an absolute weapon.

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