I just bought a 2020 850 dps


Quick question, I just bought a 2020 850 dps, looking at getting some bigger tires (27 or 28s). Im wondering how the 850 xmr can handle the 30s they come with compared to my bike, do they come with different clutching? And what would be the most cost effective way to run a simple set of 28 inch mud tires clutching wise?

I just bought a 2020 850 dps

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Answers ( No )

  1. Yes the xmrs do have different clutching and diffs

  2. 28s will run. I have some on my xt and had to trim fenders and put in a spring spacer. Xmrs have different footwells and smaller fender flares

  3. Nice bike mines 650… Wishing I bought 850.
    I went 28" cst wild thangs (light but not a true 28).

  4. I had mega meyham 28s on stock everything. Never had a problem.

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