I have two stators for my 81 xs400


Another question, I have two stators for my 81 xs400 and both of them have 4 white wires coming out. But all of my manuals talk about testing procedures with three wires. My confusion and question what the hell is the fourth wire for? Ive seen people use these and "cap" off the fourth wire.

I have two stators for my 81 xs400

I have two stators for my 81 xs400

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  1. Whats the B wire for?

  2. The B wire comes off of the field coil And is the ground for that. I believe.

  3. The old one has 3 wires? I can Check mine later

  4. I’d appreciate that.

  5. the fourth wire goes to the conecting point of the three coils. it is only connected to the plug, but is not used further in the harness.
    if you messure the resistance between the cables, the cables for the coils should have about 0.72 Ohm between each other. so the cable for the connecting point should have about 0.36 Ohm when messured to each of the three other cables.

  6. Interesting! Is that fourth wire used for something in later or earlier models?

  7. i dont know about any use…

  8. Have you ever rewired a stator??? My ohms are at .9 if I remember right.

  9. nope i havnu00b4t. my repair manual says a variation of 10u0025 is OK, but 0.9 is still above that.
    I would try if it works (a lower resistance would make me think, but higher…. what should happen..)

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