I have been looking at buying UForce 800


Hi looking for opinions other than from the dealer. I have been looking at buying UForce 800 but drove a Yamaha Wolverine yesterday and was really impressed. And now I don’t know what to do. UForce is more money and again the off brand scare me…thoughts and inputs welcome

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  1. I love my UForce and have no complaints. Great for both work and for play.

  2. Off Brand is not all that true. They have been building engines for a lot of other manufacturers over the past 26 years. All of KTM motors come from CFMOTO and if you put Can Ams motors beside there’s there is no difference in between the two and CF has been in business a lot longer than they have so. Just think when can am and Polaris first got on the market they were considered an off brand to the big three Japanese companies.

  3. Make sure you have dealer support. You will need them. Not familiar with the Yamaha but am surprised that it is cheaper. Are you comparing equal accessories? Its not a new brand, only to the USA. Check with some Canadian dealers. They have more experience. Read the CFMoto forum. Etc. Etc.

  4. My other question is how is the resale on these machines

  5. I’ve not seen none resale where I’m at but me I wouldn’t give much for any brand especially a sport model cause more than likely most of them around here been rode hard an put up wet lol

  6. I have a problem waiting on parts sometimes with my CFMoto. Resale is terrible.

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