I have been experiencing a lot of constant joint pain


Hey fellow frosties!! Over the last few months, I have been experiencing a lot of constant joint pain, in my hands, even when they are warm.. I don’t know if it is another symptom of Raynaud’s or something else, like arthritis. Does anyone have issues with joint pain?

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  1. I do a lot. My rheumatologist regularly tests me for scleroderma and arthritis. As of right now , I don't have arthritis. She did tell me that I probably will get it though with the symptoms I have.

  2. I do as well especially swelling. I do every 3 months, blood work to make sure I do not develop any autoimmune disease. so far nothing but I have notice the joint pain

  3. OK weird question. I have been diagnosed with raynauds for 4 years and also have tested positive for lupus triggers doc says it goes hand and hand. Has anyone heard of this

  4. Raynaud's often brings along other autoimmune illnesses. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis as well. Better check with your doc.

  5. I have Arthritis lots of pain especially if it's cold I would check with your doctor to .

  6. Also, please bear in mind that arthritis like symptoms may also be down to a vitamin D deficiency. That's where my joint pain symptoms come from anyways

  7. I do. I have osteoarthritis and in other areas too. Don't know if Voltaren or Aspercreme can help.

  8. Yes but I also have EDS-3 and FIBROMYALGIA

  9. Thanks guys.. good information here. I will have to check into it further.

  10. If I stay on Facebook on this phone I do, which is too much

  11. I have fibromyalgia which stinks also. I wonder if pain management is the way to go

  12. Britteny- There are soooo many reasons why people experience raynaud's. It's best to make a list of all of your symptoms, even if they do not seem to be raynaud's related. These will give you clues to where it is coming from. I did this ,and I now know my reason for the raynaud's, mine is from a fungal problem in the sinus/ throat. Since it was not treated properly it has now spread all over my body. We all have our own reasons why. Yours might be from the arthritis. About arthritis, it is many times linked to infections ( fungal/bacterial most times, but not always ) There are diets for this

  13. I have lots of it especially if I'm on this phone a lot

  14. I was going to ask the same thing, should I visit an arthritis doctor?

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