I have an 18 xtrainer I replaced piston & rings


I have an 18 xtrainer I replaced piston & rings at 96 hours . Rings were stuck in piston grooves but bike still ran and started good. Now have 20 hours on this piston and I broke the ignition map switch couple months ago and unplugged it bike has no top power at all and weak mid range but still pulls good off the bottom . Tried rejetting bigger but still no change decided to pull head off and see what it looked like in there . There first piston looked identical to this and Ive never seen carbon look like this before almost like its been baked on head and piston. Still running injection and using blendzall for injection.any ideas


I have an 18 xtrainer I replaced piston & rings

I have an 18 xtrainer I replaced piston & rings

I have an 18 xtrainer I replaced piston & rings

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  1. I’d go back to Motul and make sure your running fuel without alcohol.

  2. Use Motul like the factory recommends, sounds like the power valve is stuck.

  3. Yo uso motul 710 con la inyecciu00f3n de aceite 125h y 2200km y la moto esta como nueva

  4. Castor oils, a.k.a. "bean oils" are famous for their ability to cling to metal parts and infamous for the varnish films left behind. This is less of an issue for racers that regularly tear down their engines, and more of an issue for those with longer top-end maintenance and refresh intervals. Power valve operation in more modern engines is also a challenge for castor-based oils.

    Oil injected 2T engines bring additional challenges because castor oils don’t mix with gasoline as readily as other oils.

    Below are a couple of links with supporting info:

  5. 1 other question how much compression does the xtrainer usually have

  6. Blendsall is designed for racing. Short sprints and stop.!!

  7. that thing looks like it’s running Way too lean.

  8. Hmm, Well, when you removed the map switch did you jumper the two wires together?? If not, You are still in the ‘Rain’ or ‘Slow’ mode….

  9. Motul 710 always

  10. Castor oil is nasty stuff and will need decoking regularly. Have raced with methanol engines for a number of years we know a little bit about it. It’ll go to the heat source and stick to it which is great for lubricating but we would rebuild engines every couple of hours to clean the crap off everything. Does smell good though!

  11. Have you checked the operation of the power valve. Beta recommend Motul 710 two stroke oil for the injection system.

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